@ UBC Engineering Physics


  • Theory, safety and preparation
  • Soldering of electronic components
  • Desoldering and removing components
  • Wires and connectors

CAD using

  • Basics
  • Part-by-part: Don’t do this.
  • Multipart studios: Do it this way!
  • Sketch-based design

Practise Your Intuition

  • Think like engineers and physicists
  • Four mini-challenges for you to solve
  • Don’t look it up!


  • Creating a cuttable shape
  • Lasercutter basics and operation
  • Rastering with a lasercutter
  • Using a laser to create 3D objects

Waterjet cutter

  • Use of CAD in the context of waterjet cutting
  • Cut path preparation
  • Powering up the machine
  • Basics and operation