Prototyping Tools

We provide access for our students to a variety of prototyping tools such as a waterjet cutter, 3D printers, a laser cutter,

as well as more conventional fabrication facilities, both with staff support such as the Physics and Astronomy Student

Machine Shop but also self-serve labs, facilities, shops, and tools.

CAD Resources



List of other browser-based CAD offerings

Waterjet Cutter

  • We have an OMAX Waterjet 2652 (2foot x 4foot workspace) located in Henning 219.
  • OMAX Layout and Make software tools
  • “OMAX Layout” and “OMAX Make” software is installed on the Waterjet PC.
  • Ask Projectlab staff if you want to install the waterjet software on your own PC (WIN only).
  • Fabrication costs:  $1.50 per minute of cutting time.
  • Click HERE for the waterjet wiki.

 Laser Cutter

3D Printers

  • We have Monoprice Select Mini Pro Printers that use PLA type filament for printing
  • Video about how to use the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printers
  • Small objects (~1 cubic inch) print in 1-2 hours, larger ones can easily take 6 or 8 hours.
  • Printing cost: $0.10 per gram. Free printing for capstone projects, pay when printing personal projects.
  • Can’t do it yourself right now? See below, “outsourcing fabrication”

Electronic Components

List of electronic components / leftovers from previous projects.

Outsourcing Fabrication

Outsourcing – Sheet Metal Work, Waterjet and Laser Cutting of metals

Outsourcing – 3D printing and prototyping

  • Shapeways 3D printing and selling of products
  • Solid Concepts in California: 3D printing solid/flexible/color, casting, injection molding, FDM
  • Ponoko (worldwide locations): 3D printing in many materials including metal, laser cutting

Outsourcing – PCB fabrication

Stencils for Surface Mount PCBs

Preferred Vendors


Mechanical, Hardware, Materials

Local vendors with storefronts:

Maker Labs & Community Work Spaces




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