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Waterjet Cutter

  • We have an OMAX Waterjet 2652 (2foot x 4foot workspace).   Located in Hebb 48.
  • OMAX Layout and Make software tools
  • Layout and Make are installed on all computers in Hebb 42.   Please use the software there to verify and prepare your drawings before heading to the OMAX machine.
  • Fabrication costs us $1/min in costs.
  • Click HERE for the waterjet wiki.


 Laser Cutter

  • We have the Versa Laser VLS 4.60. 24″ x 18″ workspace, 60W CO2 laser.   Located in the Fabratory (ChemPhys A040).
  • Instructions [PDF] on how to use the EngPhys laser cutter
  • Check out these videos for laser cutter beginners, especially #5 and #6
  • Short video showing the machine in action
  • list of materials that can be cut  (plastics that do not contain chlorine, wood, paper, cardboard)  (no metal)
  • Click HERE for the laser cutter wiki.


3D Printers


PCB Milling Machine

LPKF Protomat S62 – machine is available in the Project Lab for prototyping printed circuit boards.

Guide to using Eagle Cadsoft ( a free software CAD program useful for planning schematics and board layouts for the PCB milling machine)

Converting Eagle Cadsoft to LPKF-compatible Format (Steve Sharples, University of Nottingham)

PCB Milling from Eagle Cadsoft Files (guide written by Engineering Physics undergrads).


(FYI, some students have also made use of Altium to design boards for the PCB milling machine, but the licenses are not free.  UBC PHAS does have a few seats of the license available on a select few departmental computers – contact the Project Lab to discuss access.)


Electronic Components 

List of electronic components / leftovers from previous projects.

Outsourcing Fabrication

Outsourcing – Sheet Metal Work, Waterjet and Laser Cutting of metals

Outsourcing – 3D printing and prototyping

Outsourcing – PCB fabrication

Stencils for Surface Mount PCBs

Preferred Vendors


Mechanical, Hardware, Materials

Local vendors with storefronts: 

Maker Labs & Community Work Spaces






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