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General Rules


  • Lab space and resources are intended primarily for project work by 459 and 479 students.
  • Any work from outside of ENPH 459/479 must be approved by Project Lab staff.
  • Specific areas in the Project Lab may be assigned to specific teams.
  • Students that abuse lab resources may have lab access privileges reduced or revoked by Project Lab staff.
  • Please introduce Project Lab staff to any guests and students not currently in ENPH 459/479.

Keycard Access

  • All students enrolled in ENPH 459/479 can get 24/7 card access. Email your # to Bernhard to activate. 
  • Students are given a Lab Introduction by Project Lab Staff prior to getting access.

Tools and Equipment

  • Email us to sign out tools and equipment before taking anything from the Project Lab.

Computers and Printer

  • Monitors are available (first come, first serve) for use with personal laptops.
  • Software available via UBC IT, click this link to see details. 
  • Printing – Use the printer:   \\epcentral\HP LaserJet5 or via USB cable

Purchasing and Parts Requisition

Submit requests for parts and materials via email. 

  • Use “share/forward this shopping cart” option when available on vendor website.
  • Use Canadian sites, examples:  or

When requesting components, please provide the following if possible:

  • Vendor name, contact info/quote# from the vendor ;
  • Item# / productID# and quantity ;
  • Whether any other potential vendors have also been identified ;
  • Brief description of why the component is required (if it is not obvious) ;

Please avoid purchasing components and hoping to get reimbursed later.   Student may be reimbursed at the discretion of Project Lab Staff upon submission of the original invoice.

PHAS Stores

  • Notify Project Lab staff prior to  obtaining material from PHAS stores.

Student Machine Shop

  • Only students that have completed the 40 hr machine shop course are allowed to work in the Student Machine Shop.

Safety and Professionalism

  • Unsafe, unethical and unprofessional behaviour will not be tolerated for any work performed during the Project Lab courses.
  • When in doubt, ask Project Lab Staff or the Project Sponsor for guidance and assistance.
  • At least two individuals must be present when working on any aspect which poses a potential safety risk as identified by Project Lab staff.

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