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General Rules


  • Lab space and resources are intended primarily for project work by 459 and 479 students.
  • Any work from outside of ENPH 459/479 must be approved by Project Lab staff.
  • Specific areas in the Project Lab may be assigned to specific teams.
  • Students that abuse lab resources may have lab access privileges reduced or revoked by Project Lab staff.
  • Please introduce Project Lab staff to any guests and students not currently in ENPH 459/479.


  • Keyfobs are available for studens, and are intended to give access to students during ENPH 459/479.
  • Key access is typically given to students during the January term of ENPH 459.
  • Students must be given a Lab Introduction by Project Lab Staff prior to receiving a keyfob.

Tools and Equipment

  • Sign out tools and equipment before taking from the Project Lab
  • Drop off broken tools in the Broken Tool Bin.


  • Priority for computer resources and access is to support APSC 459/479.
  • Primary Programs
    • SolidWorks
    • MS Office
    • Matlab
    • Labview (2011 only)
  • Utility Programs – Sophos | VLC | Adobe Reader | DaemonToolsLite
  • Printing – Use the printer:   \\epcentral\HP LaserJet5
  • Shared Disk Space – all computers can access the shared drive “\\ep-central\z-shared\”   All files and directories on this server can be seen on all machines.  Please use and copy any project files to this shared machine.
  • For password-protected areas on the Shared Drive, contact Project Lab Staff.


Purchasing and Parts Requisition

Submit requests for parts and materials via email.   When requesting components, please provide the following if possible:

  • Vendor name, contact info/quote# from the vendor ;
  • Item# / productID# and quantity ;
  • Whether any other potential vendors have also been identified ;
  • Brief description of why the component is required (if it is not obvious) ;

Please avoid purchasing components and hoping to get reimbursed later.   Student may be reimbursed at the discretion of Project Lab Staff upon submission of the original invoice.

PHAS Stores

  • Notify Project Lab staff prior to  obtaining material from PHAS stores.

Student Machine Shop

  • Only students that have completed the 40 hr machine shop course are allowed to work in the Student Machine Shop.

Safety and Professionalism

  • Unsafe, unethical and unprofessional behaviour will not be tolerated for any work performed during the Project Lab courses.
  • When in doubt, ask Project Lab Staff or the Project Sponsor for guidance and assistance.
  • At least two individuals must be present when working on any aspect which poses a potential safety risk as identified by Project Lab staff.