Project Lab Resources

ENPH 253

ENPH 353

ENPH 459

ENPH 479


ENPH 253 Intro to Instrument Design

Our Intro to Prototyping course exclusively for 2nd year Engineering Physics. Every summer, students gain access to the

widest variety of fabrication tools to design and fabricate a fully autonomous robot. Past competitions have included

one-on-one hockey, volleyball, search-and-rescue, and wall-climbing robots.


ENPH 459 / ENPH 479 – Engineering Projects I and II

Small groups of students with academic interests in electronics, mechanics and computer science work together on a broad

spectrum of projects. The objective is to present the students with “real world” problems where the solution is influenced by

constraints such as time, money, basic knowledge, and manpower as well as the complex requirements of society. Students

will learn how to judge what factors are important and how to get the best answers with limited resources.