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Welcome Shads!

0.  Examples:

Download the talk here (pdf, shadvalley2012-prototypingandelectronics, 4Mb)


Student Undergrad Projects and Sponsors

Prototyping tools




1.  Download and Install the Arduino Software

  1. Get the software for you computer either from the USB discs/drives circulating around the room, or download from the website (it’s an ~80Mb file).
  2. Unzip the files – this could take a while on slower computers! (my netbook took ~5min).
  3. Follow the “Arduino – Getting Started” setup for your computer.  The  Mac install is relatively straightforward, but for Windows you may have to install the driver manually as described online.

2.  Arduino Activities

  1. Seeing a knob (potentiometer), getting knob to input into board (Basics -> ArduinoReadSerial)
  2. QRD light input with lightbulb (Basics -> ArduinoReadSerial)  3.3kohm + light bulb
  3. light + sound output (Analog -> AnalogInput)    LED  + piezo buzzer + DC motor?
  4. Servo Knob


3.  Ideas and Components