UBC Engineering Physics Project Lab : Shad UBC 2019 – Prototyping

SHAD UBC!  2019 Prototyping!!!

Part A – Hand Tools

Part 1 – Learn tools by making these pieces:

Part 2 – Make a flexible finger

Part 3 – Making simple hinges from sheet metal:

Part 4 – Making a servo motor mount

Part B – Electronics 

     1. Pick up a kit


  •  List of all things in the Electronics Kit here.
  • Note the risks to your personal laptops when working with the Arduino boards here (pdf)
  • Your first time working with programming or looking at code?   Look here for some starter advice:

2.  Watch and do the following videos:

Download the software here!  https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

Arduino 1 – Getting Started

Arduino 2 – Sketches (aka Programs)

Arduino 3 – External Components, Breadboards, and LEDs

Arduino 4 – Using the Servo Motor (for motion)

Arduino 5 – Using Sonar and Serial Monitor (for detecting distance)

Arduino 6 – Servo, Serial Monitor, and External Switch

Arduino 7 – Servo, Serial Monitor, and Joystick

     3   Try New Items!

  • Work of the PDF’s: schematics and code are provided.
  • Once you get them to work, try combining several of them into something new.

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