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Today’s Challenge







Uno R3


A Hands-On Introduction to the Arduino Prototyping Platform


(originally run on January 16/17/18, 2013)




Software Installation

Download Software here

Installing Arduino software on Windows 8:


Pick Up Your Kit (1 per team)

It is recommended to work in teams of two.

List of all things in your Arduino kit (PDF)

Note about dangers to equipment when working with Arduino boards (PDF)

Watch Video Clips.

Don’t rush it. Take your time. Do it right.

(1) Introduction to the Arduino board

(2) Download and install software and drivers for Windows7 …….Apple OSX …….Linux…….Windows8

(3) Ensure communication with your Arduino board

(4) A first look at Arduino software sketches

(5) Working with a breadboard and external components

(6) Attach your first external component, an LED

(7) Using the Arduino serial monitor

If you still have time after watching and doing  these clips, look over the schematics below.

Choose one of the schematics and build the described circuit:

Go to the front and pick the corresponding part from the bins labeled “Extras”, then implement it with your Arduino.

Schematics for Other Parts

Some of the parts shown here are included with your kits.

A limited number of all other parts is located in the “Extras” bins.


Combine components to build your own creation

  • only add one more extra part at a time, to implement it.
  • make your own program to have parts interact
  • beware of conflicts with parts trying to use the same pins
  • if you decide to not use a part, return it to the front so others can use it


Search the web to find code, ideas, and inspiration

Make sure to have time left towards the end to show your work to an instructor, and for clean-up.

Dismantle and sort everything as described on the Arduino Kit List. Parts not on the list go back to the “Extras” bins.


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