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Ideas to Reality – starting a company from the ground up.  
Date Thurs March 6th, 2014
Please register below by Fri Feb 28th.  Registration now closed.  For further information, please contact Jon Nakane
Time 5pm – 9pm
Location Irving Barber Learning Centre, Victora Theater1961 East Mall (click here for parking and directions)
Overview The Engineering Physics Project Fair is a poster session of recent projects by our senior Engineering Physics students, presentations by award-winning student groups, as well as a selection of invited speakers focused on each year’s selected theme.
Invited Speaker
Andrew Martz, Founder and CEO of High West Labs, former COO Avigilon   Mr. Andrew Martz is the founder and CEO of High West Labs, an early-stage technology company. Previously, Mr. Martz was a founding engineer and the Chief Operating Officer at Avigilon Corporation, a global leader in the video surveillance industry. While at Avigilon he was responsible for all global operations, product development, customer service, human resources, and IT and played a key role in taking the company from initial product concept to over $100M in annual revenue and over $1B in market capitalization. Mr. Martz is named as Inventor on numerous pending patents relating to the core technology of Avigilon. Mr. Martz attended the University of British Columbia from 2001 to 2004.  
Invited Speaker

Justin Lemire-Elmore, Founder, GRIN Technologies

Justin Lemire-Elmore is the founder of GRIN Technolgies, a team of electric bike enthusiasts eager to change the face of modern transportation.   The company runs an online retail store, distributes electric bike components to shops and local businesses, operates its own R&D lab and designs and manufactures its own line of robust electric bicycle accessories designed to improve the ebike experience (including the Cycle Analyst, wide ranging voltage input LED bike lights, stand alone DC-DC converters, stainless steel torque arms). 





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Preliminary Schedule

5:00 – 6:30 Student Posters and Dinner
6:30 – 6:45 Intro, Student Project Awards (Nodwell, Auld and Roenitz Prizes)
6:45 – 7:45 First Speaker
7:45 – 8:00    Break
8:00 – 8:45 Second Speaker
9pm Cleanup


Click here for a complete list of this year's ENPH 479 projects » »

ENPH 479 – Projects for 2013-2014

Project# Names Full Titles
1351 Adrian McNeill Development and Testing of a Catalytic Ink Spin Coater for Small
Scale Testing (Tran Ngo, AFCC)
1352 Andy Li, Ivan Li Automated tracking of individual mice being trained as a group on a behavioural task (Tim Murphy, UBC Neuroscience  / Greg Silasi, Department of Psychiatry and the Brain Research Centre)
1353 Andy Tan, Yu Yang Lai, Koko Yu Motor Controller for Automotive 3­Phase Induction Motor ­
Project (Electric Mini Project)
1354 Angela Ruthven, Jeremy Witmer Magnetic Resonance Shim Coils for Adjusting and Rebalancing Dynamically (Andrew Yung, UBC MRI Research Centre)
1357 Carson Cheyne Enclosure for a GPU Based Computation System (Self-Sponsored)
1358 Colin Fraser, Tanya Roussy High Speed Electronics for a Novel Interferometer (Zaber Technologies)
1359 Daljit Bagri, Manjot Mangat, Wang Liao Design and Integration of the Cooling System and Battery Box for Electric Mini Cooper (Electric Mini Project)
1360 Daniel Fedorski, Davis Hsu, Troy Kan Smart Door Lock (MistyWest)
1361 David Joyce, David Pan A Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Test Apparatus (Nathan Chan, Illusense)
1362 Div Gill, Gurwinder Sidhu, Anshul Porwal A Thrust Vectoring Tricopter for UAV Applications (Self-Sponsored)
1363 Edson Sanchez, Lyle Gabo, Michael Zhou Development of an Energy Management System for a 1979 Mini Cooper Electric Vehicle (Electric Mini Project)
1364 Edwin Chen, William Lou, Michael Luk 3D Rigid Body Physics Engine with OpenGL Compute Shader Rendering (Dinesh Pai and Chen Greif, UBC Computer Science)
1365 Francesco Anzovino, Chris Masternak A Femtosecond Enhancement Cavity (David Jones, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1366 Kelvin Yuen Development of a New Thermosyphon Target Loading System for Medical Cyclotron TR13 (Cornelia Hoehr, TRIUMF)
1367 Maurizio von Flotow Kite Power: Autonomous Control (Adrien Emery)
1368 Megan Cramb, Eddy Wu, Dustin Stuyt iCrowbot – A novel pest deterrent for crows (David Jones, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1369 Minqi Zhang Smartphone Height Recognition Application to Accurately Administer Drug Dosing in Children (Mark Ansermino, Charles Larson, Guy Dumont)
1370 Mireille Ghoussoub, Dominic Tong Development of a Moisture and Drug Sensor for Microneedle Monitoring (Urs Hafeli, UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences)
1371 Richard Lee, Colin Leung, Chris Yoon What Makes Vancouverites Sad? (Rodger Lea, UBC Computer Science)
1372 Simon Ferguson Thermal Performance of Liquid Targets Used in the Production of Radiometals (Cornelia Hoehr, TRIUMF)
1373 Sina Habibian A Crowd-Sourced Urban Noise Mapping Platform (Chris Waltham, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1374 Thomas Watanabe, Oliver Chen, Cherry Zhou Mechanical Transmission Coupling and Engine Bay Sub-Chassis for a 1979 Mini Electric Vehicle Conversion (Electric Mini Project)
1375 Vincent Wong, Sunny Zhong Design and Development of an FPGA-Based Laser Frequency Lock (David Jones and Kirk Madison, UBC Physics and Astronomy)


About the Project Fair


 The Engineering Physics Project Fair provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and for the reinforcement of technological networks between students and faculty at UBC, local industry, and government support agencies.  The Project Fair brings together participants to review current developments as presented by our invited speakers, as well as being a showcase for the 120 senior Engineering Physics students and the projects undertaken in the Project Laboratory during the past year in an interactive poster session and award-winning student presentations.

Please consider attending and meeting our senior class – this is an opportunity to meet our students in person and to review their project work firsthand.