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Starting A Company from the Ground Up
Date Tues March 6th,  2012

Time 5pm – 9pm

Location Irving Barber Learning Centre, Victora Theater

1961 East Mall (click here for parking and directions)

Overview The Engineering Physics Project Fair is a poster session of recent projects by our senior Engineering Physics students, presentations by award-winning student groups, as well as a selection of invited speakers focused on each year’s selected theme.

Invited Speakers

Dr. John H. Olsen 

VP Operations,  Founder


OMAX Corporation – abrasive waterjet machines

Bio for Dr. Olsen» »


Raised in Detroit Michigan with high interest in science and building various devices.  Trained as a machinist at Cass Technical High School through 1957


BS, MS, PhD from MIT with specialty in Fluid Dynamics.  Left in 1966 2 undergraduate theses in Liquid metal Magnetohydrodynamics. PhD thesis on waves in fluid filled elastic tubes relative to blood flow.

Work Experience

Research Scientist at Boeing Scientific Laboratories through 1971. Worked on Aircraft Trailing Vortices, Hydraulic Valve Erosion and Helicopter Stall-Flutter. Since then ben involved in high pressure water jet technology

Flow Research 1971-1981 Developed high pressure pumps and accessories

Flow Far East 1981-1990 General manager of manufacturing operation for high pressure equipment

1990-1993 General consultant on high pressure

Formed OMAX Corporation 1993-Presently  Managing Engineering, Manufacturing and MIS. Current interest is writing software for company operation.

Dr. Elisabeth Maurer

President & CTO,   Founder

LightIntegra Technology Inc. – blood platelet monitoring and instrumentation

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Dr. Elisabeth Maurer is the principal inventor of ThromboLUXTM and the founder of LightIntegra Technology. Dr. Maurer has twenty years of research experience devoting her career to understanding platelet function and the application of dynamic light scattering. She is a scientist with Canadian Blood Services, holds a position as clinical associate professor with the University of British Columbia and is an active member of a number of organizations with a focus on blood transfusion such as AABB, CSTM, ISTH and the UBC CBR. She received her Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria.



Please register by Friday March 1st.
Students in ENPH 459/479 are pre-registered for the event.

Registration for the event is now closed.

For further details, please contact Jon Nakane (  for this or future Engineering Physics events.


Preliminary Schedule


5:00- 6:30

6:45- 7:00

7:00- 7:45

7:45 – 8:00

8:00 – 9:00


Student Posters and Dinner

Student Project Awards

First Speaker


Second Speaker


Click here for a complete list of this year's ENPH 479 projects » »

1151 Amir Issaei, Robert Willems, Saman Keshmiri Real-Time Image Processing in Mechatronics System (UBCFarm)
1152 Andrew Cavers, Tenny Gao, Rudy Lam Stabilized Reference Cavity and Laser Lock (Kirk Madison, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1153 Andrew Ng, Steven Singbeil, Robert Young Stepper Motor Matrix  (Alex Beim TangibleInteraction)
1154 Ben MacLeod The VHSRD1:  A 6-channel 250V very high slew rate driver circuit for stick-slip piezoelectric motors  (Yan Pennec, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1155 Bryce Hamilton, Ryan Stroeder Assembly and Testing of an Underwater ROV (Vancouver Aquarium)
1156 Carl Lamb Learning Servo System Development (Jon Nakane, UBC Engineering Physics)
1157 Colten Brummet, Bill Lovatt, Cam Southcott ROV Unit for Underwater Photography and Filming (Glen Dennison / Chris HarveyClark)
1158 Dale Eldridge, Zack Whitton PLastic Filament Extrusion System for Use with a 3D Printer (UBC Rapid)
1159 Dan Came, Barry Claman, Nameet Kumar, Christopher O’Grady A Preliminary System for Hydrogel Extrusion for Bioprinting (Ali Ahmadi, UBC Microsystems and Nanotechnolgy Group )
1160 Dan Da Costa, Brendan Mulholland A 400 MHz Direct Digital Synthesizer with the AD9912 (Kirk Madison, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
1161 Devan Porter, Sandra Zheng Underwater Light – “The Illuminator” (Glen Dennison / Chris HarveyClark)
1162 Dillon Melamed, Ben Starkey Hubless Bicycle Wheel – a method for reducing the unsprung mass of electrically powered bicycles (Bernhard Zender, UBC Engineering Physics)
1163 Eric Finlay, Lee Kucera Simulations of Contradirectional Couplers in Rib Waveguides (Lukas Chrostowsky, UBC Elecrical and Computer Engineering)
1164 George Ellis Apparatus to Amplify Headphones and Test Sound Quality (self-sponsored)
1165 James Simard, Julian Fong, Jose Luis Lopez Origami Engineering (James Olson, UBC Mechanical Engineering)
1166 Joseph Cheng, Jack Pa Twitter Parsing Location Information for the Eat St. App (Jon Chui, EatStDigital)
1167 Lisa Zhang Numerical modeling of quantum antiferromagnet under a staggered field (Bayo Lau, Columbia University)
1168 Marianne Black, Morgan McLean, Calder Wang Long Range High Frequency RFID System (self-sponsored)
1169 Amirali Khaleghi, Martin Pajchel, Justin Ryan Sound-source localization antenna (Murray Hodgson, UBC Mechanical Engineering)
1170 Peter Woo, Chengzhong  Wu, Iman Arbabian Untethered PCB Based Capacitivie Linear Encoder (Andrew Lau, Zaber Technologies)
1172 Sid Balasubramanian, Nabil Ladhiff Harmonograph (Andres Wanner SFU Active Arts and Technology)
1173 Tristan Miller, Pranav Saxena, Rosanna Yee Sand-painting Autonomous Nomadic Depositor (S.A.N.D)   (David Long, Practice of Everyday Design)
1174 William Bowden, Damien Quentin, Jon-Paul Sun Stable Laser Sources for the Formation of Ultracold Molecules  (Kirk Madison, UBC Physics and Astronomy)

About the Project Fair


The Engineering Physics Project Fair provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and for the reinforcement of technological networks between students and faculty at UBC, local industry, and government support agencies.  The Project Fair brings together participants to review current developments as presented by our invited speakers, as well as being a showcase for the 120 senior Engineering Physics students and the projects undertaken in the Project Laboratory during the past year in an interactive poster session and award-winning student presentations.

Please consider attending and meeting our senior class – this is an opportunity to meet our students in person and to review their project work firsthand.