UBC Engineering Physics Project Lab : MakerCamp – Hand Tools

MakerCamp – Hand Tools!

Part One:  Meet Your Tools  (~15 minutes)

Work in pairs, but each person completes all activities individually.

    • Do all the activities in the video
    • Show  you TA/instructor the completed parts

Video 1:    Wear goggles. 

Video 2:   Use the tools to make some simple parts.  

At the end of the video you should have used the tools to make these parts:

Click on the photo below to have a closer look at your tools.

Part Two: Make Some Fingers!

    • Show your TA/Instructor the completed pieces
    • If you don’t have time to bend and fold all of the pieces, focus on getting three finger patterns finished during the sessions, the actual assembly with rubber bands and other items you can do later in the week.

Video:    Cutting and assembling the finger!

A template for this model is provided on your work bench.

Supplies table:

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