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Thurs Jan 18th,   2018 
Hennings building, Rooms 201/202

6pm  –  8:30pm

Refreshments at 5:30

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This is a formal seminar session for all the students enrolled in the Senior Project course ENPH 479. Each student will discuss briefly is or her involvement in a 4-month project that started early in September.


The purpose of the seminar session is to give the students experience in public speaking about a technical subject, to inform the project sponsors of the progress made by each student group and to make each sponsor aware of the diversity of projects undertaken by our undergraduate students.


All ENPH 479 students will be in attendance. All other interested Engphys undergrad students, project sponsors and faculty members are invited to attend to see the progress students have made on their projects.


All attendees not in ENPH 479 please RSVP for the event here.



Two concurrent sessions will be held for all student groups.

NB – This is a TENTATIVE schedule, as of 2018 Jan 8th.   * Any major changes from the original schedule marked with an asterisk and bolded, and any affected sponsors and students contacted by email.  


Hennings 201 

Time Team# Team Members Project Title, Sponsor
6:00 1759 Bryden Fogelman, Sam Reid, Cyrus Neary Development of an Algorithm to Quantify Ocular Torsion (Jean-Sébastien Blouin, UBC School of Kinesiology)
6:10 1774 Scott Fjordbotten, Matt Ward A Jig for Testing Torsional Rigidity of Formula SAE Racecar Chassis (Formula UBC)
6:20 1764 James Park, Johnson Liu N-camera Video Recording Application (Logic & Form)
6:30 1767 Kevin Chow, Wilhelm Gavino Design and develop an automated calibration system to enhance ErgoSenz workplace injury prevention solution (Lawrence Chee, LifeBooster)
6:40 1763 Jackson He, Darren Tong, Gregory Zhang 3D Bioprinting Microfluidic Device: Quality control and characterization system (Simon Beyer, Aspect Biosystems)
6:50 1768 Kyle Manke, Yi Fan Chen, Han Zhang A Prototype Scalable Modular Bioreactor for In Vitro Meat Production (New Harvest, in Collaboration with Jess Krieger of Kent State Univesrity)
7:00 1751 Adam Schonewille Obstacle Avoidance Software for Industrial Robotic Arms (Vancouver Computer Vision Ltd)
7:10 BREAK    
7:20 1773 Runor Agbaire, Monika Hofmeier Power consumption optimization for the CALM wearable ECG sensor (Eagle Matrix Consulting)
7:30 1757 Anne Lim, Gabby Xiong, Beichen Zhang Physics-based Simulation Platform for Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Algorithms on Shepherding Problem (Michiel van de Panne, UBC Computer Science)
7:40 1754 Alexander Gosselin, Lin Xiang Dynamic Image Rectification in a Real-Time Embeddable Stereo Vision System (Self-Sponsored)
7:50 1756 Andrew Ho, Cornell Lee Development of a Wireless Power System for Industrial Battery Chargers (Delta-Q Technologies)
8:00 1765 James Twaites, Nick Slakov, Graham Grieg Tension Controlled Reel (Avestec)

Hennings 202



Time Team#    
6:00 1770 Matt Herunter, Logan Numerow An Intelligent Accompaniment Software For Music Practice (Bing Dai, Eric Wong – Music Friends)
6:10 1771 Megan Nantel, Arjun Venkatesh A Fiber Optic Arc Flash Detection System (Osensa Innovations)
6:20 1772 Rachel Chan, Angela Cheng, Daniel Kor Development of a Computational Model for Myelinated Axons and Ferritin in White Matter (Alexander Rauscher, UBC MRI Research Centre)
6:30 1761 Emma Fajeau Femtosecond Enhancement Cavity Auto-Lock (David Jones, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
6:40 1755 Alexander Jaffray, Charlie McGrath Design and Development of Adjustable Collimator for X-Ray Irradiation (UofT University Health Network)
6:50 1760 Candice Ip, Doug Matthews Affordable Network of Temperature Sensors for Alpine Environments (Steve Jones)
7:00 1778 Tori Kolewin, William Kemp Xerus Medical Capstone Project (Xerus Medical)
7:10 BREAK    
7:20 1762 Grace Hu, Yuan Tian, Becky Lin Mouse Wearable Tech – RFID and Localization Grid (Tim Murphy, UBC Neuroscience)
7:30 1779 Mohamed-Ali Hached, Bryan Luu, Josh Smith A Near-IR Photon Upconversion (Jeff Young, Jingda Wu, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
7:40 1753 Alex Kyriazis, Will Choi, Ivan Zinin Proposal To Develop A Deep Reinforcement Learning Arena For Learning Object Manipulation Tasks On A Physical System (Michiel van de Panne, UBC Computer Science)
7:50 1758 Brian Irwin, Ruishen Lu, Andy Tu A Software Environment Design Enabling Artificial Intelligence To Play And Learn From Video Games (Self-Sponsored)
8:00 1775 Shahriar Noroozizadeh, Lap-Tak Chu, Amir Refaee Improved Imaging and Processing for Photoacoustic Tomography using GPU Acceleration (Tim Salcudean, Corey Kelly, UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering)
8:10 1776 Shaun Lee, Johnny Liu, Quinn Ramsay, Nathan Osachoff The Next-Generation Battery Management System for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs (Electra Motor Corporation)

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