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Thurs Jan 12th,   2017 
Hennings building, Rooms 201/202

6pm  –  8pm

Refreshments at 5:30

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This is a formal seminar session for all the students enrolled in the Senior Project course ENPH 479. Each student will discuss briefly is or her involvement in a 4-month project that started early in September.


The purpose of the seminar session is to give the students experience in public speaking about a technical subject, to inform the project sponsors of the progress made by each student group and to make each sponsor aware of the diversity of projects undertaken by our undergraduate students.


All ENPH 479 students will be in attendance. All other interested Engphys undergrad students, project sponsors and faculty members are invited to attend to see the progress students have made on their projects.


All attendees not in ENPH 479 please RSVP for the event here.



Two concurrent sessions will be held for all student groups.

NB – This is a TENTATIVE schedule, as of 2016 Dec 29.   * Any major changes from the original schedule marked with an asterisk and bolded,, and any affected sponsors and students contacted by email.  


Hennings 201 

Time Team# Team Members Project Title, Sponsor
6:00 1672 * Vincent Tang, Eleanor Wong Location Focused Productivity Application and Algorithms (self-sponsored)
6:10 1654 Glenn McGuinness, Richard Romanow, Kiera van der Sande Development of State of Charge Estimation and Battery Management System (Electra Motor Corp)
6:20 1653 Etienne Boivin, Calvin Hein Project 1 (A&K Robotics)
6:30 1664 Matthew Cordoba, Shayan Rezaiezadeh An Autonomous Machine Learning Model for Stock Market Investment (Peter Fang, Hoovest)
6:40 1657 Jon Moore, Connor Shannon, Brendan Sexton UBC Open Robotics Small-Scale Development Platform (UBC Open Robotics)
6:50 1658 Jonathan Chapple, Henry Kao, Ming Xu Compiling SLICC to Verilog for Facilitating RTL-Based Cache Coherence Architecture Design Space Exploration (Mieszko Lis, UBC ECE)
7:00   Break  
7:10 1673 Wenjun Wu An FPGA-Bassed Control System for Cold Atom Experiments (Kirk Madison, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
7:20 1660 Kakit Cheung, Blaine Huynh Project 2 (A&K Robotics)
7:30 1661 Kevin Multani, Conrad Ng, Kevin Shen Equationary (self-sponsored)
7:40 1662 Lawrence Garcia, Sunny Leung Low Frequency Permeameter for Magnetic Shielding Material (George Sterling, D-Wave)
7:50 1663 Mathew Chow, Isaac Kim, Bryan Poteryko A Method of Drone-Based Elevation Mapping (3vGeomatics)



Hennings 202

Time Team# Team Members Project Title, Sponsor
6:00 1670 Todd Darcie, Bryan Pawlina A Prototype Laser Communication System for a Nanosatellite Application (UBC Orbit)
6:10 1668 Sharada Balaji, Will Hansen, Zach Morris An induction brazing machine (William Aitchison, Etalim Technologies)
6:20 1655 Gus Crowards, Ben Mattison, Dylan Neid Project A (Zaber Technologies)
6:30 1667 Sean Hayes Helium Purity Management System (LOOP Helium Recovery)
6:40 1671 Tyson Costa, Derek Schaper Fly Like an Eagle (Bernhard Zender, Superfly Ziplines)
6:50 1669 * Somesh Daga, James Petrie Development of an Accurate Position Estimation System for Autonomous Robots (UBC Thunderbots)
7:00   Break  
7:10 1659 Jonathan Doucette, Christian Kames, Nicholas Moore FLAIR2 (Alexander Rauscher, MRI Science Lab UBC Medicine)
7:20 1651 Connor Haberl, Carley Schwartz, Saman Shariat Jaffari Flow VIsualization of Transcatheter Mitral Valves (Neovasc)
7:30 1652 David Schwartz A Low-Pass Filter Synthesizer Module (self-sponsored)
7:40 1665 Reily Blackner, Oliver Gadsby, Kenya Shatani A Temperature and Voltage Controlled Portable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Bernhard Zender)
7:50 1666 Sam Copeland, Shamsuddin Rhemani, Cole Spooner An Automated Battery Swapping System For Drones (Heleport)


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