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Wed Jan 9th, 2013
Hennings building, Rooms 201/202

5:30pm  –  8:30pm

Light refreshments before session.

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This is a formal seminar session for all the students enrolled in the Senior Project course ENPH 479. Each student will discuss briefly is or her involvement in a 4-month project that started early in September.


The purpose of the seminar session is to give the students experience in public speaking about a technical subject, to inform the project sponsors of the progress made by each student group and to make each sponsor aware of the diversity of projects undertaken by our undergraduate students.


All ENPH 479 students will be in attendance. All other interested Engphys undergrad students, project sponsors and faculty members are invited to attend to see the progress students have made on their projects.

All attendees not in ENPH 479 please RSVP for the event here.



Two concurrent sessions will be held for all student groups.

* changes from the original schedule marked with an asterisk and bolded.

Hennings 201

Time Group# Students Topic (Sponsor)
5:45 1254 Brad Bycraft, Kyzyl Herzog Magnetic Resonance Imaging Field Stabilizer (Carl Michal, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
6:00 1270 Samuel Wu Automated Quality Control Proof-of-Concept for 

Boreal Genomics Cartridge Manufacturing (Boreal Genomics)

6:15 1268 Andrew Strang, Russell Vanderhout Adaptive Endoscope for Underwater Exploration (Jeff Marliave, Vancouver Aquarium)
6:30 1252 Alec Douglas, Daniel Lu, Anson Liang EPIC Wheels (Ian Mitchell, UBC Computer Science)
6:45 1265 Tess Peng, Vicky Wang, Jason Niu Robotic Origami (James Olson, UBC Mechanical Engineering)
7:15 1266 Tim Kato, Cam Mcleod, Matthew Kutarna Black-Box Identification of Stepper Motors (Zaber Technologies)
7:30 1264 Sean Yang, Freebody Zhang, Kevin Zhou Photoacoustic Tissue Imaging Algorithms (Shuo Tang, UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering)
7:45 1263 Rémy Barois Versatile and Portable G-Code Motion Controller (self-sponsored)
8:00 1259 Lara Backer, Sofia Moreno Measuring Statistical Characteristics of Particles on a Liquid Surface when acted on by Capillary Attraction (Bud Homsy, UBC Math)
8:15 1260 Michael Caverley, Chris Read, Jeff Lo A Practical Model for Predicting the Effects of Roughness on Waveguides (Lukas Chrostowski, UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering)


Hennings 202


Time Group# Students Topic (Sponsor)
5:45 1262 Nils Smit-Anseeuw, Aaron Zimmer Manipulator Arm System for Characterizing Large-Area Photosensors  (Hirihisa Tanaka, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
6:00 1258 * Kyle Boone Investigate the Pi-Tau-L Channel in the Search for Supersymmetry in Events with Three Leptons and Missing Transverse Momentum with the ATLAS detector at the LHC (Colin Gay, UBC Physics and Astronomy) 


6:15 1272 Tao Wang Front Wheel Removable Electric Bicycle Motor (Andrzej Kotlicki, UBC Physics and Astronomy)
6:30 1251 Adrien Emery, Liam Lawson-Tattersall, Craig Reitmeier High Altitude Kite Power (self-sponsored)
6:45 1267 Tim Shi, Luke Wang, Fan Zhang Feasability Analysis for Point Light Source MTF  (Point Grey Research)
7:15 1255 Brian Badesso, Robert Barr, Luke Kong Pan & Tilt Drop Camera (Glen Dennison / Chris HarveyClark)
7:30 1257  * John Yuen, Patrick Won Variable-Blend Biodiesel Dispenser (UBC CHBE Sustainability Club)
7:45 1256 Cody Robson, Ryan Yee, Joel Wiedman An Intravenous Measurement Tool for Drip Chambers in Anesthesiology (Richard Merchant, Royal Columbian Hospital)
8:00 1269 Alysson Vrielink Beam Bunch Length Measurement Program for the ARIEL e-LINAC (TRIUMF)
8:15 1253 Yerzhan Nursultanov, Michael Hu Eyestrain Relief Device Project (self-sponsored)



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