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Thurs Jan 21st,   2016 
Hennings building, Rooms 201/202

5:45pm  –  8:30pm

Refreshments at 5:15


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This is a formal seminar session for all the students enrolled in the Senior Project course ENPH 479. Each student will discuss briefly is or her involvement in a 4-month project that started early in September.


The purpose of the seminar session is to give the students experience in public speaking about a technical subject, to inform the project sponsors of the progress made by each student group and to make each sponsor aware of the diversity of projects undertaken by our undergraduate students.


All ENPH 479 students will be in attendance. All other interested Engphys undergrad students, project sponsors and faculty members are invited to attend to see the progress students have made on their projects.


All attendees not in ENPH 479 please RSVP for the event here.



Two concurrent sessions will be held for all student groups.

* major changes from the original schedule marked with an asterisk and bolded.  Last update morning of Thurs Jan 21st.


Hennings 201 

Time Team# Team Members Project Title, Sponsor
5:45 1579 * Aaron Prosch, Aaron Tsui Braille Watch (Self-Sponsored)
5:55 1576 Sarah Li, James Liu FPGA-based Control System for Cold Atom Experiments (Madison Yu)
6:05 1561 Emma Chorlton, Jeff Son Fuel Efficient Carbon Fibre Fat Bike Rims (Supermileage)
6:15 1553 Alex Gosselin, Alexander Shkuratoff, Yvonne Sun Imaging Experiment (DarkVision)
6:25 1554 Andrea Der, Kelvin Ritland ElectroChemoDiffractive Optical Devices (Bizzotto, Whitehead)
6:35 1563 Jesse Swanson, Carlos Larrea, Graham Beales Further Developments in Advanced Battery Management Systems for High Power Lithium Ion Battery Packs (Electra Motor Corp)
6:45 1560 * Elizabeth Wicks Investigation of Blood Coagulation (Kardium)
6:55 1573 Ricky Hu, Ranesh Saha Wire Bonded Control Circuits for Multi-Channel Tuning of Photonic Devices (Chrostowski)
7:05   BREAK  
7:15 1552 Alejandro Baltazar, Chris Lee, Abe Teklemariam, Carly Jones Recovery Monitor for Knee Surgery Patients (ClarisHealthcare)
7:25 1578 * Nik Dhingra, Lucas Porto Carbon nanotube growth using chemical vapour deposition (Nojeh)
7:35 1566 Jordan Karyanto, Josh Kuo Dog Toy (Self-Sponsored)
7:45 1571 Pearse Doolin Low-Frequency Digitizer and PLL (Self-Sponsored)
7:55 1557 Coery Epp, Teddy Rowan Project for Zaber Technologies (Zaber)
8:05 1574 Simon Dahonick, Jim Campbell Single Cell Electroporator – Mixed Analog/Digital Circuitry Design and User Interface Development (Sakaki Haas)

Hennings 202

Time Team# Team Members Project Title, Sponsor
5:45 1562 Jannicke Pearkes Hunting for ‘Bumps’ in the Dilepton Invariant Mass Spectrum of pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector (Fedorko Gay)
5:55 1558* Connor Vandenberg Naval Architecture Design (Sailbot)
6:05 1577 Scott Lawson Ultra-low-resonant frequency passive and active vibration isolator system (MacLeod)
6:15 1575 Nick Unick Temperature-controlled Furnace for Heat Treating Knives (Self-Sponsored)
6:25 1559 Darrick Lee, Alex Toews Algorithm Development for Ultrasound-aided Pedicle Screw Insertion Imaging (Self-Sponsored)
6:35 1556 Brandon Stuart, Russell Engebretson, CJ Hendricks, Cyrus Larsen Real-time online helium quality monitoring and response system based on an acoustic gas purity sensor (Macleod Day)
6:45 1568 Martin Cross, Alex Wilkinson Gain stabilization of an optical Yb-doped fiber amplifier (Jones)
6:55 1570 * Michael Haaf, Ben Krupicz, Jordan Bannister Downsampling a Kinect Datastream (Mitchell)
7:05   BREAK  
7:15 1572* Rey Zeng Fast Contour Matching for JPEG Images (Quartz Imaging)
7:25 1551 * Alan Luk, Derek Chen, Ivan Hsu A mobile app for smart cities (HCT Lab)
7:35 1567 Liam Hodgson, Oliver Wolfond Autonomous landing and takeoff of fixed-wing UAVs (Self-Sponsored)
7:45 1555 Bardia Beigi, Alex Dale Silicon photonics component models for advanced optical communication systems (Chrostowski)
7:55 1565 Jordan Austin, Wesley Fritzke, Riley Doering, Rowan Walsh UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems – VTOL Aircraft Design
8:05 1564 John Harvey Automation of Toilet Training for Dairy Cows (Vaughan)
8:15 1569 Matt Grant Design of the ALPHA-g Time Projection Chamber to Probe Antimatter’s Reaction to Gravity (TRIUMF)



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