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This page describes a Hands-on Workshop for BAEN 541 about Prototyping – an overview of the resources and info available for Sauder MBA students in consultation with us at the UBC Engineering Physics Project Lab.


For any support on your projects, contact Jon Nakane –


Download today’s presentation: PDF, 2Mb



Part 1 – Electronics and Physical Prototyping




Code used for today’s activity:   baen541_2015nov_v3


Modifying code:  (also newPing library)

Connecting to your computer:

For windows – use Putty

For Mac – use the Screen command in a terminal  (it will be two commands:

ls /dev/tty.*    (used to find the name of the arduino on your computer)

screen /dev/tty.ZZZZ 9600      (where ZZZZ is the name that you found!)



Part 2 – Design Practice








  • McMaster-Carr – they sell just about every mechancial device and component you can think of
  • Sparkfun – electronics projets and parts for prototyping.  Their forums are incredibly helpful.



Background about UBC Engineering Physics

Prototyping tools

  • ENPH 253 – intro to prototyping course for 2nd year Engineering Physics students.
  • Videos of the Engineering Physics prototyping equipment in action – waterjet cutterlaser cutter, and 3D printer.
  • Want to manufacture your drawing?   You can draw up items in any CAD drawing software (like Google Sketchup or SolidWorks or Autocad ) and submit to a 3D company like Shapeways or Ponoko – get your part in less than a week.
  • You can prototype in software as well – graphical tools like make visual simulations easy to run