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Thurs Jan 13th, 2011
Hennings building, Rooms 200/201

5:30pm  –  9:30pm

Light refreshments before session.

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This is a formal seminar session for all the students enrolled in the Senior Project course APSC479. Each student will discuss briefly is or her involvement in a 4-month project that started early in September.

The purpose of the seminar session is to give the students experience in public speaking about a technical subject, to inform the project sponsors of the progress made by each student group and to make each sponsor aware of the diversity of projects undertaken by our undergraduate students.

All APSC 479 students will be in attendance. All other interested Engphys undergrad students, project sponsors and faculty members,

All attendees not in APSC 479 please RSVP for the event here.

Preliminary Schedule:

Two concurrent sessions will be held for all student groups.

Changes in original draft schedule are marked with an asterisk *)

Hennings 200
Time APSC479 Team# Team Members Project (sponsor)
5:45 1072 Robert Bao, Evan Priadi Portable Dog Ball Launcher (David Jones, UBC PHAS)
6:00 1057  *  Gina Chu, Kyle Kimura, Brian Mah High Accuracy Position Feedback System (Zaber)
6:15 1075 Thomas Zhou Online Ordering Application on the Android Platform (self-sponsored)
6:30 1077 Weiqi Wang GPU Accelerated Ultrasound ELastography (Tim Salcudean, UBC ECE)
6:45 1053 Barton Du, Peter Smith Indoor Radio Location using Wireless Networks (MobiTao)
7:00 1055 Evan Gillespie, Kevin Su CNC Tubing Cutter for “Prosthesis” Prudction (Jon Tippett)
7:30 1056 Gavin Hartnett, Theo Pacson, John Shen Regenerative Braking System for Electric Go-Kart (Curtis Lapadat)
7:45 1074 * Stefan Brown, Steve Epp, Yegor Rabets “Breeze Farmer” – An Open-Source Bike Wheel Wind Turbine (Bernhard Zender)
8:00 1058 Gurpal Bisra, Shaina Johl, Wei Kee Teoh Microfluidic Flow Control Setup for Testing Optical Resonators (Karen Cheung)
8:15 1063 Jacob Bayless, Mo Chen, Bing Dai 3D Continuous Converter for Paper (James Olson)
8:30 1065 Kenneth Wong A Prototype Parametrically-Enhanced NMR Spectrometer (Carl Michal, UBC PHAS)
8:45 1067 Laz Milovanovic Quantitative measurement of friction on single cells in microfluidics devices and the effect of Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) coating (Hong Ma, UBC Mech)
9:00 1069 Nina Chen, Andrey Kostin, Isaac Tang An Automated Technique for Cell Counting in Microfluidics (Hong Ma, UBC Mech)
9:15 1070 Patrick Davies Simulation of Air Flow in a Centrifugal Rotor (self-sponsored)

Hennings 201
Time APSC 479 Team# Team Members Project (sponsor)
5:45 1060 Hei Wang Chan, Ricky Leong Infrared Eye Tracking System for P-Cubee (Sid Fels, UBC ECE)
6:00 1061 Ian Moult Assembly and Characterization of a 2D Magmeto-Optical Source of Laser Cooled Rubidium Atoms (Kirk Madison, UBC PHAS)
6:15 1062 Inderpreet Singh Transactional Memory on Graphical Processing Units (Tor Aamodt, UBC ECE)
6:30 1064 John Chen, Lu Diao Photonic Chip-to-Chip Coupling (Lukas Chrostowski)
6:45 1066 Kevin Lan Alighment Tool for Installation of Vinyl Fences (Elegant Vinyl Fencing)
7:00 1068 Lee Wasilenko Camera Stabilization for High-Altitude Balloons (self-sponsored)
7:30 1071 Philip Edgcumbe, Jun Wei Fu, Honza Vohradsky Micropump using Thermally Activating Hydrogels (Boris Stoeber, UBC Mech)
7:45 1073 Sartsawat Dendadome, Sean Ding, Daniel Been LEGO Prototype of the LineScout Power Line Inspection and Maintenance Robot (BC Hydro)
8:00 1076 Tom Brooks, Graham Gold, Nick Sertic Dark Rover Rocker-Bogie Optimization Design (self-sponsored)
8:15 1051 Arthur Leung, Yang Yang, Ivan Zverev Cueing Device for Blind Swimmers (Dave Neufeld)
8:30 1052 Babak Amini, Kousha Talebian Empty Spot Locator System using Image Processing (Self-Sponsored)
8:45 1054 Cameron Sobie Oxyhydrogen Generator Analysis and Optimization (Bernhard Zender)
9:00 1059 Haotian Pang, Byron Reynolds, Lionel Zhang Noise and PID Control in Low Consistency Pulp Refiner (Heymer/Olson, UBC Mech Eng)