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B’s APSC 150 Test for January


Welcome to UBC!   Here is info about the “Prototpying” talk given to APSC 150 students in September 2012.



Download the talk here:    APSC 150 – pototyping – 2012Sept – v5 (pdf, ~4Mb)




0. For further info on any of the prototyping info below

Contact Jon Nakane, Lab Director for Engineering Physics Project Lab.
Note that the 1st year “prototyping” survey will be given out through Vista/Connect, and given in conjunction with an EWB survey that you are going to do for the course as well.  It should be released sometime before the Module 1 quiz.



1. Prototyping tools



2.  A Few Undergrad Projects and Sponsors


3.  How things work – Ideas and Components

These are a few places you can pick up some useful information about how things work, and to see what parts go into different objects.

  • iFixIt Teardowns – A particularly instructive website for learing about what key elements are in modern electronics (and I mean very modern – they had tear-downs of most iPhones within hours of going on sale.   The Iphone 5 is now done, as of the first day of sales.   The tear-down of the Pleo dinosaur is particularly fun.
  • Instructables has a nice collection of project descriptions and how you can build your own devices.
  • McMaster-Carr – they sell just about every mechancial device and component imaginable.
  • Sparkfun – electronics projects and parts for prototyping.  Their forums are incredibly helpful.   Their founder, Nathan Seidle, is super-nice, too.
  • Newark and Digikey – two electronics vendors that sell everything.
  • Download the PDF “Super-Quick Intro to Electronics” to learn about electronics components.