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last update:   2014 June 11



ENPH 480 Engineering Physics Projects III(listing for 480 in SSC)

An optional course for those students wishing to continue their project work beyond the development in ENPH 479.   This is officially run in Term 1

Credits: 3     Pre-reqs: ENPH 479.


ENPH 481 Entrepreneurial Projects I(listing for 481 in SSC)

A project course for students pursuing entrepreneurial training within Engineering Physics, and wishing to further develop projects resulting from ENPH 459.  This is officially run in Term 2.

Credits: 3     Pre-reqs: ENPH 459.





The following types of projects may be suitable for ENPH 480/481 credit:

    • An undergraduate project that may lead to give the student  research degree with a faculty member.
    • A project completed in ENPH 459/479 with an entrepreneurial opportunity that is subsequently considered for commercial development and manufacture with possible patent protection, or for pursuit as a startup oportunity for group members.
    • Another follow-up aspect of a previous 459 / 479 project completed by yourself or another group which can be clearly delineated from the work done by the previous group.

In 480/481, students are expected to present a plan , following with some or all of the guidelines laid out in 459/479 but with flexibilty based on discussions with the Project Lab staff.


Approval of enrollment is in consultation with the Project Lab staff and the Director of Engineering Physics. Typically students are asked to present a short project description (1-3 pages) describing the project, work plan, and expected deliverables and quantitative analysis.


Schedule During the Term

Depending on the type of project selected, the group will be responsible for weekly meetings, term presentations, final reports, and meetings with course advisors throughout the term. A schedule for each group will be established at the start of the term for each group in consultation with Project Lab staff.


Marking Scheme

Grading of the course will be the responsibility of the Director of Engineering Physics.




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