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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Ring of IR (infrared emitter board)


    • input power 10 to 16 Volts to P1    (can use 14.4 battery pack, or 15V from benchtop supplies), drawing 150 mA
    • Use the molex-style 2-pin power connectors to power the modules (found at the front of the room).
    • DO NOT REVERSE POWER TO THE BOARDS – this will damage the active components on the board.


    • 3” x 3” square.
    • 4 – 40 mounting holes spaced 2.5″ apart from one another
    • For this year’s competiton, board must be mounted 6″ above the surface and made level to the surface.
    • IR LEDs are the same as on the grey IR emitter boards (HSDL-4220, datasheet in Downloads>> )

    IR ouptut

    • 1 kHz sine wave output
    • Overall ouptut power is set by the two current-limiting resistors pushed into the board, currently using default values of 10 ohms.  This gives an output intensity approximately 50% light intensity of the grey IR emitter boxes at a distance of 30cm.  Please do not adjust the resistor values or remove these resistors for the duration of the course.

    Accelerometer ouptut

    • ADXL325 (see datasheet in Downloads>> )
    • Does not need a separate input power line (powered from the 10-15V input line)