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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Past Competitions

    Many videos can be found on Youtube, including official competition and team-made contributions.

    Summer 2009 – Rescue-Bots II

    A repeat of the 2004 Rescue-Bots competition, except made harder with adding fallen trees at varoius points on the course – as well as burying the fallen hiker under a tree as well!

    UBC Phys 253 Robotics Challenge 2009 Team Pwnage Report .

    Summer 2008 – Police-Bots

    Capture stationary thiefs and take them back to the police station.  Also, capture a moving thief (an RC car controlled by the other team) before the theif has a chance to steal all the money on the playing surface., and bring it back to the police station.

    PHYS 253 (UBC) Robotics Competition Test Run #1 from Thomas Z. on Vimeo.

    Pika-Chu’s successful run in capturing stationary thieves

    Summer 2007 – Doctor-Bots

    Robots playing a version of the board-game “Operation” – take out the body parts, avoid hitting the sides of the containers

    Summer 2006 – Bus-Bots

    Create an autonomous bus to pick up and deliver passengers between bus depots at Vancouver and Whistler.

    Summer 2005 – Bot the Builder

    Autonomous robots must build the highest tower possible by picking up bricks and transporting them to the other table. Also, robots must travel over a team-built bridge, and get bonus points for putting the red block on top of their tower by the end of the 2-minute run.

    Summer 2004 – Rescue-Bots

    Rescue the hiker that had fallen off the edge of the cliff!

    Rescue-Bots! UBC Engineering Physics – Phys 253, 2004 from Jon Nakane on Vimeo.

    Summer 2003 – Hockey-Bots

    Autonomous hockeybot competition – 1-on-1 hockey competition to score as many pucks as possible in a 2-minute period

    Summer 2002 – Volley-Bots

    Autonomous robot volleyball-meets-dodgeball. Get as many of the balls from your side of the court onto the other playing surface as possible. Team with the fewest balls on its court after 90 seconds was the winner

    Summer 2001 – Salvage-Bots

    Gather and return as many bolts from the salvage area as possible, all while avoiding collisions with the other robot going for the same salvage area!