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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Competition 2010 – RoboRacers

    10th Annual Engineering Physics 253 Competition

    RoboRacers!                                    Presented by

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    The Results

    Congratulations to this year’s winners:

    1st Place:  Party Van ( Team 4 – Colin Leung, Anson Liang, David Pan, and Kevin Zhou)

    2nd Place:  Sherman! The Tank (Team 3 – Sean Yang, Chris Yoon, Zongyi (Freebody) Zhang, Rob Barr)

    3rd Place:  EVE (Team 2 – Tess Peng, Vicky Wang, Neil Li)

    Team Reports, Webpages and Videos

    1    Adiabatmobile    (Alysson, Kyle, Remy, Alec)   »
    2    EVE    (Tess, Vicky, Neil)
    3    Sherman!    (Sean, Rob, Chris, Freebody)   »
    4    Party Van    (Anson, David, Colin, Kevin)   »
    5    Montoya    (Zlatan, Samuel, Sofia, Luke)
    6    Fermi-la-1    (Lara, Angela, Brian, Michael)   »
    7    Roadblock    (Tim, Xinming, Brad, Kyzyl)
    8    FishBikeTank    (Yerzhan, Andrew, Amir, Michael)   »
    9    FEMA    (Chris, Jeff, Richard, Ryan)   »
    10    Generalissimo    (Lance, Aaron, David, Nils)   »,    Final Report »
    11    Gadget    (Adrien, Billy, Russell, Daniel)   »
    12    Elvis!    (Nathan, Evan, Keara, Megan)   »
    13    Bumblebee    (Matthew, Liam, Craig, Cody)
    14    Magic Turtle    (Jason, Jack, Michael, Wang)

    Contact Jon if you have other team material you’d like to post onto this section of the site (reports, tech info, videos), or if you would like to share your team’s final report online.

    Competition Day Videos

    The Faculty’s own UBC Engineering YouTube Channel has ~20 high-quality videos of just about every round of the competition.   (thanks to Wendy Barthel from UBC Engineering Communications, Advising and Recruiting)

    There are also dozens of videos posted up for the competition day and robot testing.

    Competition Details and Rules


    Students in summer Engineering Physics course go head-to-head with their autonomous robots


    Thursday, August 5th, 2010 10am -12noon.  (setup begins at 9:30)


    Hennings Bldg., Rm. 200, 6224 Agricultural Road, UBC.

    Competition prizes and support provided by Newark Electronics and Fluke Canada:

    newark1 flukelogo3

    Competition Background:

    Fourteen teams of UBC Engineering Physics students are set to compete at “RoboRacers,” the 10th Annual UBC Engineering Physics Robot Competition that pits students in head-to-head racing of their autonomous electric vehicles.

    UBC Engineering Physics students have designed and built fast-moving vehicles that operate without remote controls. The Roboracers will speed along a winding track marked by black electric tape and perform the same actions as real racing vehicles. While changing lanes and taking shortcuts across the track, the robot cars must avoid crashing into each other, spinning out or falling off the racing surface which measures 16 feet x 8 feet.

    The competition was inspired by UBC’s new Electric Racing Team, a team comprising students in engineering physics and other engineering disciplines to create an electric race car to compete against gasoline powered cars at local autocross races.

    Over the past 10 years, more than 500 Engineering Physics students have gone through this hands-on prototyping course as part of their academic programs.   This crash course in prototyping gives students the chance to design all of the core electronics and mechanics of their robots, and offers experience with machining and prototyping facilities similar to those found within industry and at other leading academic institutions.

    View the rules for this year’s Physics 253 competition:

    2010 June 15 – Revised Rules

    phys253-2010-Competition Rules-v3

    • Size of robot now increased to 8.5” x 10” (Rule B)
    • Robot height reduced to 5.5”, all IR emitters mounted at 6”
    • Course layout modified for only 1 shortcut track (Fig 1)
    • Magnetic strip now permanent magnets placed under the
    surface (Rule 5)
    • Ramp height now fixed at 4” (Rule 3)
    • Tape track a minimum of 12” away from the edge (Rule 1)

    2010 May 12 – First Draft of Rules

    phys253 – 2010 – Competition Rules- v2