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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    IGEN 230 – mini-bootcamp (2012)

    Welcome to your IGEN 230 bootcamp, hosted by Engineering Physnics.   The videos and exercises are based on the same exercises done for our 2nd year students in their ENPH 253 Bootcamp during our summer Intro to Prototyping course.

    Location:    Hebb Building, Room 42

    Times:   Thursday afternoons, 2-5pm



    Safety tour Find out where the following items are located at the lab:

    • First Aid supplies – location and procedures -> near sink area
    • Eye Protection  – found beside drill press.
      • Worn at all times (metal shards can be made by you or your benchmates).
      • Glasses are not sufficient.  Our eye protection fits over eyeglasses.
    • Bad accidents: Call 911.  Don’t waste time. If there are enough people, position one person outside the building to wait for the ambulance, to make sure they don’t have to run around the building tofind the exact location from where the emergency call was coming
      • Jon Nakane( 604 – 822 2110 / cell 604562-6524
      • Bernhard Zender( 604 – 822-2961
    • Fire extinguishers -> small hand units in the lab, big hose right outside in the hallway




    • The hand tool intro is a task-based step-by-step hands-on exercise, duration is 2 – 3 hrs.
    • The main goal is to learn about some key hand tools to fabricate a design from a flat piece of sheet metal.


    • Stay at your bench
    • Start by watching the first video clip on the list, and do exactly as it says
    • Go get ONE HAND TOOL AT A TIME – leave your name token for the tool, so others can see who has it.
    • Return tool immediately when done.
    • These tasks do NOT  need to be done in a specific order.   If all tools for the task are taken, skip to another task.
    • Work in groups if you want. Show others what you know. Don’t DO things for your friends, but let them use the tool themselves.




    • CHASSIS (VIDEO 1) – practice in paper, cut using metal shears and notchers.
    • CHASSIS (VIDEO 2) – deburring edges, benchtop bender, bending pliers, hole punch, battery hand drill, pop riveter


    Optional Exercises using the aluminum sheet metal – practice fabricating small pieces



    Tool Instructions










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