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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Competition (2014)

    Indiana Robot and the Temple of the Zipline!

    14th Annual UBC Engineering Physics 253 Competition

    Thurs August 7th – 10am Hennings 200.



    Team Reports and Videos

    1    Snowbot    Etienne, Runor, Eleanor, Bryan
    2    Raider of the Top Mark    Cole, Kiera, Gus, Sam – First Place
    3    Artifactuator    Shayan, Richard, Kenya, Brendan
    4    Indy on the Rocks (website and video )   Bryan, Conrad, Ben, Kevin – Third Place
    5    Luke Sidewalker    Lawrence, Sunny, Emma, Johnny
    6    El Toro    Somesh, James, Shamsuddin, Vincent
    7    Indy-cisive    Chloe, James, Sharada, Han
    8    El Buscador del Oro    Oliver, Tyson, Todd, Reily  – Second Place
    9    Lewis    Calvin, Matt, Christian, Jonathan
    10  Indy-Structable (updated video!) Carley, Bryan, Zach, Saman
    11   Clark    Nathan, Niklas, Derek, Kevin
    12   Aluminum Falcon    Mathew, Henry, Baine, Kakit   – Fourth Place
    13   Fortune and Glory    Ming, Jonathan C, Connor, Jon M
    14   Wood Hawk    Glenn, Kyle, Dylan, William


    Time Trials Photos and Videos



      P1020344   CIMG0400  Selection_001

    Click here for more videos and photos »


    P1020290  CIMG0443    CIMG0406  P1020307


    • Presented by UBC Engineering Physics
    • Competition Sponsors:
      • Newark Electronics / element14
      • Keysight Technologies / Agilent       Technolgies
    ______________   Keysight_logo


    Competition Day Details and Results

    Date and Time Thurs August 7th, 2014 10am – noon
    Location Hennings Building, Room 2001961 East Mall (click here for parking anddirections)
    Overview 60 second-year students in UBC Engineering Physics course go head-to-head with their autonomous  robots.
    To Attend the Competitoin No registration required.   However, if bringing a group of 4  or more, please contact Jon Nakane for further details about attending the event.

    Competition Rules

    Current Version:


        Old Versions

    enph253-2014-CompetitionRules-v3 – rules released on first day of class!   2014 May 13



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