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    Competition (2017)


    Mission Impossi-Bots!

    17th Annual ENPH 253 Competition

    Thurs August 10th – 10am,  Hebb Theatre (Room 100 – note room change!)





    Presented by UBC Engineering Physics 

    Competition Sponsors:   download



    Media Links


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    EngPhys Robot Competition – Mission Impossi-Bots!  (UBC APSC News)


    Team Pages

    Main listing of team pages (

    1 Roberto Isaac, Quinn, Wilson, Nishad

    2 Spectre Zara, Svena, Arthur, Esther

    3 Veronica Corningstone Maryam, Amber, Shannon, Paula

    4 Pomme de Terror Tomo, Joel, Kaitai, Paul   First Place

    5 Lalo Tiffany, Owen, Dante, Sydney

    6 Linel Glitchy Ryley, Toren, Theophilus, Jessica

    7 reneZ Dylan, Masayoshi, Forest, Yuni

    8 DACS Daymon, Sonny, Aidan, Christian  Second Place

    9 Robo Erectus Vitor, Andrew, Artem

    10 Magic School Bot Cindy, Lise, Jason, Amar    Third Place

    11 Minimum Viable Product Eugene, Griffin, Simon, Dylan

    12 LOAF – Linear Ordinance Acquisition Facilitator Edmund, William, Qiqi, Simon

    13 Frankenbot Adam, Ashley, Rhiannon, Rika

    14 Awesome-o Jake, Kurt, Cameron, Pawel

    15 Calvin Keenan, Glyn, Austin

    16 The Wee Baby Seamus Declan, Justin, Coleman, Aaron




    Competition Day Details and Results

    Date and Time Thurs August 10th, 2017 10am – noon

    Note room change!

    Hebb 100 (formerly Hebb Theatre)

    Address:  2045 East Mall (click here for parking and directions)


    Sixteen student teams will build self-driving cars to rescue six trapped secret agents by avoiding an alarmed door, scaling a narrow ramp, and rescuing the agents from a tank filling with water, sending the agents back to safety on a zipline.   

    To Attend the Competition No registration required.   However, if bringing a group of 4  or more, please contact Jon Nakane for further details about attending the event.



    Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to rescue six of the IMF’s cutest, squishiest agents. Disguised as squishy toys, they are currently held captive in an enemy stronghold with exceptional security measures. To rescue the agents, you will have to pass through alarmed doors, timing your passage with the brief shutdown in the alarm system that will be arranged by your crew. You’ll then have to ascend a ramp running dangerously close to a wall at first, and then equally close to several drop-offs after that with all your equipment. Finally, you must reach into the holding tank where the agents are being held and rescue them.


    Note that as soon as you attempt your rescue run, the inevitable detection of an intrusion will start the clock ticking in an evil attempt to drown the agents. While our agents can swim for a brief period, their location will become increasingly hard to pinpoint as they float in the tank. Once you’ve rescued one or more of the agents, your only way to get them out of the stronghold is to send them to safety on a zipline going out of the stronghold, since you are now barricaded in.   Good luck!



    Since 2001, more than 700 UBC Engineering Physics students have taken this hands-on prototyping course as part of their academic program.    The challenge changes from year to year, with previous competitions including Rescue-bots, Hockey-bots, Doctor-bots, Build-bots Police-Bots, and a host of other entertaining challenges.   This 12-week crash-course in prototyping gives all 62 students enrolled in Engineering Physics the chance to design every aspect of their robot designs – all of the electronics and mechanics and computer programs are done by the students in groups of 4, making use of UBC Engineering Physics’s in-house prototyping facilities.




    Competition Rules

    Competition Rules  (updated June 13)


    Competition Surface 



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