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    Competition 2012

    “Build-Bots”  –  Block-Stacking Robots

    12th Annual UBC Engineering Physics 253 Competition: Introduction Video

    Presented By:  UBC Engineering Physics ______________
    Competition Sponsors:Newark Electronics / element14  Agilent Technologies


    Competition Day Details and Results

    Congratulations to our winners:

    1st place – Frank the Tank –   Nikita Mouline, Nicholas Reeves,  Evan Cook,  TrevorUittenbosch

    2nd place – Summer Lovin’ – Talon Chandler, Michael Haaf, Tavis Pederson, Jesse Swanson

    3rd place – Nostacks – Firat Nurozler, Nolan  Ohmart, Kelvin Poon Feng, Sean Vanbergen


    Media coverage for the day:


    Date and Time
    Thurs August 2nd,  2012 

    10am – noon

    Location Hennings Building, Room 2001961 East Mall (click here for parking anddirections)

    60 second-year students in UBC Engineering Physics course go head-to-head with their autonomous block-stacking robots.


    No registration required.   However, if bringing a group of 4  or more, please contact Jon Nakane for further details about attending the event.


    The 12th Annual UBC Engineering Physics Robot Competition pits 15 student teams’ robots that must grab and place wooden blocks into stacks of up to five high without any human control.

    At UBC Engineering Physics’ in-house prototyping facility, the students use electronics tools, mechanical fabrication devices and computer programs to design and build a fully functional, autonomous “Build-bot” prototype within five weeks.

    Students have access to tools common to the robotics industry, including 3-D printing to manufacture critical plastic pieces for their robots, laser cutting to fabricate structures in plastic and wood and waterjet cutting to shape sheet metal for the robot body.

    Since 2001, more than 500 UBC Engineering Physics students have taken this hands-on prototyping challenge as part of their academic program with previous competitions such as Rescue-bots, Hockey-bots, Doctor-bots and Police-Bots.



    Team Reports and Videos

    A selection of videos and photos can be found here:   ENPH 253 – team photos and videos (Google Drive)

    1 BlockBuster
    2 R.O.B. the Builder
    3 Frank the Tank
    4 Wall-E
    5 Scorpio
    6 TINAH Turner

    7 Stack City
    8 Babel-Bot
    9 Summer Lovin’
    10 NyanBot
    11 Coriolanus
    12 Nostacks
    13 LiPo Suction
    14  Occam’s Robot
    15  Spot



    Competition Rules