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Uber –  Bots!

16th Annual ENPH 253 Competition

Thurs August 4th – 10am Hennings 200

Media Coverage

Team Webpages and Videos

1 T.A.N.K.  – Robert, Tal, Andrew, Ryan
2 Conveyonnaise – David, Jamie, Jason, Lilian
3 The Fightin’ Squid – Tim, Andrew, Cheng, Curtis
4 Bad Apple – Jacob, Katelyn, Jenny, Aaron  – THIRD PLACE
5 Ray – Jordan, Nolan, Morten, Erik  –  SECOND PLACE
6 Roombot – Daniel, Yuquing, Calvin, Cinnie
7 DAS_PAN –  Alex, Rahat, Justin, Andrew
8 JETT PACE –  Brendan, Jonah, Daniel, Ryan  –  FIRST PLACE
9 D.A.W.G. – Anmol, Matt, Henry, Pasindu
10 Bilbot Baggins – Winnie, Don, Stephen, Phoenix
11 Del Mar – Rory, Vishnu, Aaron, Walker
12 Gucci Bronze – Jim, Parker, Basil, Tristan
13 The Claw – Dylan, Carol, Jamie, Tara
14 Murph – Ryan, Dickson, Jacob, Dilyn  
15 Gahzelle – Aashish, Eileen, Koosha



IMG_0400 IMG_0397   IMG_0394 uberbots

Presented by UBC Engineering Physics

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UBER has finally switched to self-driving cars, and the result has been mayhem! Passengers are being ignored, missed, dropped off in the wrong location, even run over by the automated vehicles. Random people that are not passengers are being whisked off the streets and delivered to random destinations in the city. Occasionally stray animals are being picked up instead of passengers, and then dropped off rather angry on top of passengers!


In the midst of this of this disaster, you and your engineering team has been asked to submit a bid to design a better autonomous vehicle. You are asked to submit a written proposal to compete for the project, and will build a working model of your automated car to demonstrate to UBER your design and your ability to operate successfully as an engineering firm. You and competing bidders from other firms will enter a competition to see whose UBER-bot works best.


You’ll have to navigate a model city, find passengers whose beacons indicate that they are looking for a ride, pick them up and drop them off at a location marked by a destination beacon. The city has numerous stray animals – do NOT pick them up and give them rides – they tend to get rather upset.

Competition Day Details and Results

Date and Time Thurs August 4th, 2016 10am – noon
Location Hennings Building, Room 200.     Address:  1961 East Mall (click here for parking and directions)
Overview_____ Fifteen student teams will build self-driving cars to pick up passengers, avoid random people and stray animals, and deliver as many successful rides as they can in 2 minutes.   
To Attend the Competitoin No registration required.   However, if bringing a group of 4  or more, please contact Jon Nakane for further details about attending the event.



Since 2001, more than 650 UBC Engineering Physics students have taken this hands-on prototyping course as part of their academic program.    The challenge changes from year to year, with previous competitions including Rescue-bots, Hockey-bots, Doctor-bots, Build-bots Police-Bots, and a host of other entertaining challenges.   This 12-week crash-course in prototyping gives all 65 students enrolled in Engineering Physics the chance to design every aspect of their robot designs – all of the electronics and mechanics and computer programs are done by the students in groups of 4, making use of UBC Engineering Physics’s in-house prototyping facilities.


Competition Rules

Current Version (updated 2016 June 27):  enph253-2016-CompetitionRules-v2-0





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