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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Lab 4 Mech Bootcamp (2015)

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    tape follower 2015 SW modeltape follower 2015 photo

    • The goal is to make one tape follower per bench (=two per team), to be used on June 11: PID control lab.


    .plywood bracket.plywood piece.QRD sensor holder.wire thrust bearing bracket.tape follower chassis 2015.

    Bootcamp Work (in any order):

    Make sure to see all the links in the text below to understand what you are supposed to be doing. Wear goggles!

    Step 1) Every Student has to make one of each:

    Step 2) Assembly: Every work bench team will assemble one tape follower. Pick the best parts for this.

    • Check the parts list to see if you have everything.
    • You will need the riveting tool. Watch the video if you are not sure how to use it.
    • You will use sheet metal screws. Watch this video to see how to quickly make a perfect hole for them.
    • See this video for a cheap and easy way to make standoffs to attach the TINAH board to your tape follower
    • Watch this video from an older version of the tape follower. Note, some details are different in the current version (No more caster wheel! No more bronze bushing! Yey!)


    • Safety first! Wear goggles, remind others in case someone forgets.
    • Return tools to their spots right away when you’re done.
    • Work in groups if you want – Help others – But: Do not make things for them, instead let them learn to use the tool themselves.

    More things that you will definitely need later in the course:

    • Video: how to use a battery drill, and how to care for drills.
    • Video: knurling, “skills you never knew they existed”.
    • Video: how to use epoxy. You will definitely need this later for your robot.
    • Videos about bending: Herehere and here.
    • Video: spot welding.
    • Video: designing a sample robot chassis in Solidworks
    • Video: preparing a Solidworks file to be used on the waterjet
    • Video: how to use the waterjet
    • Slides: how to use the laser cutter
    • Video: how to solvent weld PMMA (aka Plexiglass, aka acrylic)
    • Video: clean up! Yes we know, you don’t really need a video for that.

    Videos from the past:


    One, two, three, four, and then you can still look for more.


    Feedback: Please tell us if you think something is missing here, or wrong.