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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.


    SolidWorks 2008 academic version is available for use in Hebb 42 for the duration of Phys 253.

    There are many software tutorials for SolidWorks, including tutorial videos, which might be useful guidance.

    Note that newer versions of Solidworks exist (version 2009), but the educational license acquired by the UBC department lags behind by 1 year.   SolidWorks is notoriously difficult when it comes to backwards compatibility, so be aware of which version of the program you are using.

    Solid Works Parts and Assemblies

    This is an ongoing attempt on starting a library of relevant parts and components for use in Phys253. Please contribute by submitting parts you have modeled – share with others

    ASM = assembly (zip file containing the assembly file plus parts in that assembly)

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