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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Mech Resources

    Omax Waterjet Cutter

    Video demonstrating OMAX Layout and Make software tools


    • Chassis for robots are generally from 24 gauge steel sheet metal. ( 24 gauge = 0.60mm = 0.0239” thickness)
    • Different thicknesses are available but should not be used, if possible. Try to use structural features for stiffness instead.
    • Different sheet metal materials: Only in special cases, aluminum and other materials are available.
    • Delrin (a type of plastic) is available as sheet stock 1/4” (6.35mm) to make custom sleeve bearings – check out the sample at the front
    • Steel rod 4mm is available to make custom length shafts (fits meccano size gears and adapters)


    Futaba S3003 servo

    • 44 oz-in torque, 0.23 seconds per 60 deg of rotation. Weighs 1.3 oz

    Geared Barber Coleman motor info (at 12V):

    • 500 rpm no-load speed, 0.1A
    • 10 oz-in at 300 rpm , current = 0.425 A
    • 20 oz-in at 160 rpm, current = .85A
    • 30 oz-in stall torque, current = 1.5A

    Un-geared Barber Coleman motor info (at 12V):

    • 7500 rpm no-load speed, 0.13A
    • 6 oz-in stall torque, current = 2.5A

    ESCAP motor specs (at 12V):

    • 60 rpm no-load
    • 23 oz in stall torque, current = 0.17A