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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    10Hr Machine Shop

    (updated 2009 June 9th – last group is now split into two 4-hr sessions instead of a single 8-hr session)

    A few things to read before getting to the machine shop:

    1. Measuring Tools   – digital calipers,  reading the scale on vernier calipers, as well as using  micrometers
    2. Engineering Drawings – learning to read and recognize well and poorly-dimensioned drawings.  (notes from Ernie Blanco at MIT)
    3. Machine shop Safety (presented by Bernhard)

    1.  10Hr Schedule Info:

    The course comes in one of two versions:

    1. two afternoons, from 12:30 – 4pm.   These are typically Friday and Monday afternoons
    2. one afternoon, from 12:30 – 8pm, with a meal break at ~5:30.  These are all on Wednesday

    Other Points

    • You will only do the course during one of these sessions.  The schedule is tight, so please let us know if there are any conflicts with the proposed times.
    • There is not a particular advantage to having all of 4 members of your team do the course at the same time
    • There is some advantage to having at least some people do it earlier rather than later so that there is some hands-on team knowledge about machining during the design phase, so I will try to spread teams out over all the sessions.
    • I’ve been in touch with instructors for your Thursday classes for people doing the extended Wed sessions:
      • Phys 257 (thermo) will have midterms on Tuesdays, but assignments are due on Thurs
      • Math 317 (multivariable calc) will have midterms on Tuesdays.
      • Math 307 (linear algebra) will have a midterm on June 18.  If this looks like a problem for too many students, I’ll shift the June 17th session to the following week.