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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    Kickoff Challenge for APSC459

    Submissions for the 459 Kickoff Challenge:

    Congratulations to Graham, Nick and Cameron for their idea.


    1001    Translink Bots (Babak Amini, Patrick Davis )

    1002    Robot Gold Digger (Byron Reynolds, Lionel Zhang )

    1003    Robot Golf (Cam Mcleod, John Shen )

    1004    Robo-Golf (Carl Lamb, Kevin Su )

    1005    Treasure Hunting (Evan Gillespie, Brian Mah )

    1006    Capture the Flag! (Gina Chu, Shaina Johl, Kyle Kimura )   (3rd place, 7 votes)

    1007    Volkswagon BeatleBot (Graham Gold, Nick Sertic, Cameron Sobie )    (1st place, 26 votes)

    1008    Robocup Mini-Soccer ( Gu Chuan Gao, Arthur Leung, Yang Yang )

    1009    Gurpal Bisra, Kousha Talebian, Lee Wasilenko

    1010    RoboPuzzle (Haotian Pang, Weiqi Wang, Ian Moult )

    1011    Target Practice (Hei Wang Chan, Ricky Leong )

    1012    Moving Targets (Inderpreet Singh, Thomas Zhou )

    1013    PostBot (Jacob Bayless, Mo Chen, Bing Dai )

    1014    Dropped behind Enemy Lines (Jun Wei Fu, Wei Kee Teoh )    (2nd place, 13 votes)

    1015    Sorting Robot (Kevin Lan, Laz Milovanovic )

    1016    Garbage Collection Robot (Nina Chen, Andrey Kostin, Isaac Tang )

    1017    Bridge Wipe-out (Sartsawat Dendandome, Sean Ding, Kenneth Wong )

    1018    Robot Pac-Man (Tom Brooks, Steve Epp, Evan Priadi)





    The Kickoff Challenge is a REQUIRED exercise for all APSC 459 groups.   There are no marks assigned for it, but it is meant to get you used to communicating with your team members – to “force” you to get in touch with your team members and to find the best methods to pass information among yourselves.

    Please DO NOT spend more than 1 hour working on this,   excluding the time taken to examine software/drawing / web tools for communicating with far-away team members – again, this is meant to be a test exercise, not a full-blown design competition!

    The two or three “best” proposals will be given the opportunity to select when their Group Seminars will be given during the spring term.







    You have been commissioned to write the challenge for Phys 253 in Summer 2010. You must come up with a theme/story for the competition, playing surface, and a set of rules.   The challenge theme can be based on anything you choose.



    The challenge MUST be done on an entirely flat playing surface.  It must be possible to set up the challenge on any white surface using black tape.  Although other items are allowed (IR beacons, blocks, etc), it is desirable to make the challenge setup surface as simple as possible while making the competition as challenging and entertaining as previous challenges, yet easy to set up in a variety of locations (and easy for groups to build their own test-surfaces throughout Hebb and Hennings =)


    Please submit the following:

    1. Competition Background (no more than 50 words).
    2. Sketch of the black tape used for the playing surface.
    3. Up to 5 rules giving the general rules of the competition.  You can assume that the General Rules for all past 253 competition (at the end of this PDF ) also apply.
    4. Maximum 2 pages.
    5. Note that previous winners have won based on good clear ideas and pictures to convey their idea quickly, not on excess amounts of text.


    Due date: Monday, September 28th, 11pm

    Other Details:

    1. One group member can submit material online at UBC Vista (  Only 1 member needs to submit.
    2. Please submit this and all documents for the course in PDF format whenever possible.
    3. Please use your Team Number at the beginning of the file name.
    4. Do NOT spend more than 1 hour on this!



    The current APSC 479 class will be used to evaluate the submissions.