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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    APSC459 – end of project procedures

    Final Report Submission

    For submission by posted due date (start of 2nd week of classes, 2nd term):

    1. Final Report and Supporting Information
      1. Submit all Final Reports to WebVista.
      2. Use the online guide to final reports:    ProjectLab – GuideToFinalReports »
      3. Include any supporting material you have (additional software, data files, etc) that should be archived as well in a .rar or .zip file uploaded to the site.  Larger files to be archived can be delivered to the Project Lab in person, but please do submit the actual final reports and posters must be submitted by WebVista.
    2. Logbooks
      1. Please drop off your logbooks in the Project Lab.


    Project Completion Report

    This is meant as a way to provide final closure to your project – where equipment is to be transferred, what items will be held by the team, and what responsibilities are to be done by the group after the project conclusion.


    Use the online guide to Project Completion Reports:   ProjectLab – GuideToProjectCompletionReport (PDF) »,   (MS Word) »


    Although this document is not marked, you must complete a Project Completion Report and return to the Project Lab prior to your final mark being released.  Reports are expected before the end of the exam period in April, unless arragnements have been made with the Project Lab.


    Failure to do so will likely result in your mark for the course being withheld until the Project Completion Report is submitted.




    The summer term is the chance for the Project Lab to refresh and get ready for the September term.  Please plan on cleaning your areas in the Project Lab, and return your empty storage bins to the lab.    Please notify the lab if you cannot get your project transfer and cleanup fully completed by mid-May, or if you would like to plan out work in the Project Lab during the summer term. 


    Your material may be placed in storage if you do not notify us in advance of your plan.



    Final Reports and Materials Back to Sponsors

    Please forward copies of your reports directly to your sponsors, and ensure that they have received all materials, deliverables, software, and other material that they should receive as part of the conclusion of the project.  It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that the Project Sponsor receives all of the information.

    All Project Sponsors will receive a note from the Project Lab indicating that students will be forwarding all deliverables and reports back to the sponsors, and will be asked to submit a questionnaire to provide feedback for the team and the lab and deliverables.



    Keyfob Return

    The lab will be in general use by the incoming students, and access should be transferred over to them as the term progresses.  At minimum, please drop by to chat with Jon or Bernhard to discuss extended keyfob access for the Project Lab.

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