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Prepare For The Lab

Lab location: Hebb, Room 22

    • No Sandals or open-toed shoes.   You will likely be asked to come back during one of the other APSC 150 tutorials Sept 20-25th.
    • Dress appropriately.  It should not be a “messy” lab, but you may wish to wear appropriate clothing (some of the hand tools may have some residual grease on them).
    • Watch videos ahead of time.   You can use these videos during the lab as well, but it is good to know where things are heading.

1.  Get Familiar With Your Tools


~20-30 minutes   **Note, be extremely careful with servo motors.  Servo motor arms are not meant to be moved manually and can cause the motor to break!  We have limited replacements.**


Each person has to complete the activities in video 2 individually.

    • Only use half of one piece of sheet metal between two people for these activities.
    • Take plastic off of the back of the sheet metal before cutting!
    • Do all the activities in the video, this will help you get experienced working with sheet metal tools.
    • Once parts are completed, move on to Part Two.
    • **Note there is a recycled metal box at the front of the room for any large pieces of leftover sheet metal.  Any other scrap metal can be put in the garbage.

Wear goggles, and protect your eyes from shards of metal!




What’s in the box?  Video 2: “Meet Your Hand Tools” – Do these activities to see how the tools are used.



2.  Use Your Tools to Build From a Template

~30-60 minutes

    • Use the templates that are provided on your workbench
    • Cut out and assemble one moveable platform per group of two.  Follow the instructions provided.  
    • At the end of the 2hr lab, store your final product in your groups designated storage box.
    • Watch this video to learn how to use a blind riveting tool.

CLICK->LauncherB  [Platform]


3.  Clean up and Brainstorm!

~30 minutes


    • After the lab, please clean up.  Make your bench look like it did when you arrived.

    • There’s a metal recycling box in the back of the room.
    • All other leftovers go into the trash.
    • Get in to your assigned groups of 8.
    • You have until the end of the lab to come up with at least 3 concepts for a projectile launcher.
    • List of rules and specifications & possible inspiration
    • When brainstorming keep the following in mind:
      -All ideas should be welcomed
      -Drawing out ideas sometimes helps
      -Stay focused on the main problems
      -Do not overspecify any ideas, this can stunt the creative process
      -If you do not feel like speaking out, write down your ideas
      -Everyone should have a chance to contribute

Materials to be used –>20140828_121617



Before leaving please make a neat list of your group members names and student numbers to send to the course instructor along with your group number.  Only one person needs to send this information to the instructor after this lab.


Group numbers will start at 1 for the first group on the left side of the room in the cubbies.  Please take the next spot available and increment your group number appropriately as necessary.


Ever wonder where to buy sheet metal? Try Metal Supermarkets, our primary sheet metal vendor.


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