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This page is archived material from a previous course. Please check for updated material.

    APSC 150 – Hand Tools (2013)


    Prepare For The Lab

    Lab location: Hebb, Room 22

      • No Sandals or open-toed shoes.   You will likely be asked to come back during another APSC 150 tutorials Sept 20-25th.
      • Dress appropriately.  It should not be a “messy” lab, but you may wish to wear appropriate clothing (some of the hand tools may have some residual grease on them).
      • Watch videos ahead of time.   You can use these videos during the lab as well, but it is good to know where things are heading.




    Lab, Part One: Meet Your Tools – 20 to 30 minutes

    Work in pairs, but each person completes all activities individually.

      • Do all the activities in the video
      • Show  you TA/instructor the completed parts
      • Once parts are marked as completed, move on to Part Two.


    Video 1:  Wear goggles.


    Video 2:   What’s in the box? How some of these tools work.

    Mandatory Video, click here->  




    Lab, Part Two: Make Something

      • Select and complete 1 activity.    There is likely time to only build 1 of these items during the session. 
      • Show your TA/Instructor the completed pieces, they will mark you as completed.  
      • You are free to take the final product with you after the lab! 

    CLICK->[Spinning Top]



      • After the lab, please clean up.  Make your bench look like it did when you arrived.

      • There’s a metal recycling box in the back of the room.
      • All other leftovers go into the trash.


    Got time left? Part Three (Optional) Clean up after that.
      • Tools will be available at selected times during the term for sign-out to do further activities.
      • Build your own project. Improve existing designs. Send us videos of what you have made!

    CLICK->[Hand Bracket]


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