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UBC APSC is hosting the inaugural UBC APSC Design and Innovation Day on Friday April 7, 2017, with all programs showcasing capstone project work done by undergraduates.     All programs have been given funds for “Dean’s Awards to recognize outstanding work completed during the year.  

For Engineering Physics, prizes totalling $2,000 are available for projects presented at the Design and Innovation Day.  Students will share their projects in short formal pitch format, and interact with visitors and judges at a poster session.  Winners will be recognized at a formal reception hosted by APSC for all Dean’s Award winners in the UBC Alumni Centre.


Entries as of March 31st

  1. Graham Grieg, Nick Slakov, Jory Wong – “ InDro underwater ROV – Nautilus”
  2. Shahriar Noroozi Zadeh, Amir Rafaee, Alex Kyriazis, William Choi, Lap-Tak Chu- “Augomatic Segmentation, Classification, and Feature Detection for Pathology Images of the Brain to detect Traumatic Brain Injury”
  3. Rachel Chan, Han Zhang – “Automated Optiogenetic Neuronal Control through FlyPAD”
  4. Connor Shannon, Jon Moore – “ROSebot”
  5. Jackson He, Darren Tong, Gregory Zhang – “An HMSC Stem Cell Incubation Chamber and Programmable Camera”
  6. Logan Numerow, Matthew Herunter – “A Flow Meter for Helium Gas”
  7. Tyson Costa, Derek Schaper – “PiPoPa, the Ping Pong Paddle”


Who can apply

  1. ENPH projects completed in ENPH 459 and 479 in 2016/17 may enter into the event.
  2. Other qualifying projects may be approved for consideration on a case-by-case basis, and may include:
    1. ENPH undergrads who have made substantial contributions to student competition teams
    2. Extracurricular projects


How to Enter

  1. By Fri March 31st 
    1. Confirm by email or in person that you intend to enter (this helps plan out the final session schedule)
  2. By Tuesday April 4th   Wed April 5th, 11pm.
    1. Submit a one single-page letter Executive Summary (used to provide background for your project).  
    2. Submit poster material, following the ENPH 479 poster submission requirements (see bottom of page).   Project Fair posters for ENPH 479 students may be re-used.


Schedule for Fri April 7th  (Hennings Building)

  • 10:30am – noon  –  5min presentation of your work, with short Q&A.   Private presentations.
  • 1:30pm – Poster session in the Project Lab.   Can include the following:
    1. Videos for display on a laptop
    2. Physical demos
    3. Any other interactive elements.
  • 3pm – Winners announced.
  • 4pm – All students invited to Alumni Centre for awards reception.   Winners will be called to stage to receive certificates.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. The quality and content of the 5min presentation.
  2. The quality and content of the material presented at the Poster session.
  3. The innovation and level of accomplishment of the work completed during the project.

Winners will be announced at 3pm to allow for setup in the Alumni Centre.

Guidelines for poster submission

  • Submit ONE title banner, and 6 to 8 pages of slide material.
  • Bernhard created these templates use these preformatted google slides. Make a copy, add your content, and submit the original files and the PDFs onto Connect.   Bernhard will print everything (in colour) and assemble the posters.
  • TEMPLATE – Banner (single)
  • TEMPLATE – Poster (6 to 8 pages)
  • Sample images from previous years:
  • If the fizz logo in the lower right corner is in your way, feel free to delete it.
Update history:  
  • 2017 April 4 – updated times, added current submitted teams.
  • 2017 March 21st.  First posting