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Three prizes are awarded each year at the annual Engphys Project Fair in early March.  These are:

Roy Nodwell Prize

The Roy Nodwell Prize was established by friends and former graduates of Engineering Physics on the occasion of Roy Nodwell’s retirement from the Department of Physics in 1983.   Roy Nodwell was the Head of the Physics department from 1977 to 1982 and served a number of key positions servicing BC science and technology in BC, including the chair of the Science Council of BC.

The Prize is awarded to the student or student group from the graduating class who submits a report for the senior Project Laboratory ENPH 479 which exhibits a high professional standard, shows evidence of original contribution, and has industrial relevance.


List of Prize Winners:


2018 –  Akshiv Bansal, Ian Thompson – “Development of a Low-Cost Syringe Pump for Low-Resource Anesthesia”

2016 – Michael Haaf, Ben Krupicz, Jordan Bannister, “Downsampling a Kinect Datastream”
2015 – Zendai Kashino, Martin Ho – “Development of an Automated Work Platform for a Greenhouse Production Labour System”
2014 – Edwin Chen, William Lou, Michael Luk – “3D Rigid Body Physics Engine with OpenGL Compute Shader Rendering”
2013a – Daniel Lu, Alec Douglas, Anson Liang – “EPIC Wheels”
2013b – Remy Barois – “CNC Motion Controller”
2012a – Dillon Melamed, Ben Starkey – “Hubless Bicycle Wheel” 2012a – Dillon Melamed, Ben Starkey – “Hubless Bicycle Wheel”
2012b – Morgan McLean, Marianne Black, Calder Wang – “Long-Range High-Frequency RFID System”
2011 – Nina Chen, Andrey Kostin, Isaac Tang – “An Automated Technique for Cell Counting in Microfluidics”
2010 – Colin Delaney, Laura Fedoruk, Andrew Young – “Wave Powered Pressure Generator”
2009 – Chris Eagleston, Walker Eagleston, William Motz – “MyView Mobile”
2008 – Matthew Austin, Nathan Barrett, Andrew Hall – “Non-Contact Rotary Damper using Eddy Current Damping”
2007 – Graeme Charlton, Elliot Holtham, Andrew Morrison – “Solar Cell Array with Active Bypassing”
2006 – Keddie Brown, Andrew Cheung, Billy Lau ” Microfabricated Cell Sorter”
2005  –  Roy Belak, Dylan Gunn – “Master-Slave Haptic Tissue Foreceps”
2004 – Justin Lemire-Elmore, Bradley Buss, Charlie Brinson  – “Gyroscopically Stabilized Aerial Vehicle”
2003  –  Kuljit Virk, Saurabh Shrivastava, Scott Nelson  – “Design and Prototyping a call Alert Device for Headphones”
2002 – Renee Boileau, Lilian Fan, Timothy Moore  – “Analysis of Sperical Wing Motion and Design of a Virtual Machine to Produce Underwater Propulsion”
2001 – James Burbee, Jeremy Frimer  – “The Anticam Climbing Device”
2000b – Tim Leung – “Aerodynamic Optimization of Wheel Fairings on a Solar Car”
2000a – Michael Sears, Howard Semenoff  – “Torque Sensor for Marine Power Steering”
1999b – Vince Beyer, Graham Bustard – “Marc Trudeau Characterization of Debris for a CREO Laser-Ablative Pre-Press Recorder”
1999a – Alex Mossman  – “Modelling of Mass and Heat Transfer in a Mixed Phase Gas-to-Gas Memebrane Humidifier Exchanger”
1998 – Anthony Hewett, James White  – “Subsurface Feature Detection by High Temperature Thermal Imaging”
1997 – Lauren Walker  – “Feasibility of Drying Moist Wood Fibre in the MDF Blender”
1996 – Jerome Soh, Raymond Yeung  – “Parametric Study of the Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Proheat XL900 Heater”
1995 – De Ding, Parisa Jourabchi, Thomas Zelinka  – “Improvements to the MacMillan Bloedel Beta-Radiographic Scanner”
1994 – Shahrokh Khorram, Eric Roenitz, David Tilley – “Design and Construction of a Dynamic Representation of the Lions’ Gate Bridge”
1993 – Mike Sexsmith  – “An Investigation of the Use of Vibration to Reduce Removal Torque in Seized Bolts”
1992 – David Goertz, Alan Rempel, Richard Stewart  – “Investigation of the Piezo-Electro-Capillary Effect in Porous Rock”
1991 – Christopher Chu, Gillian Cooper, Craig Louie  – “Performance Evaluation of an Inexpensive Catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Removal From Reformate”
1990 – Curtis Lapadat  – “A Diffusion Process for the Fabrication of Recessed-Gate Gas Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors”
1989 – Michael Eiche, Scott Phillips, Iain Verigin  – “The Development of a Machine Vision System to Detect Seam Flaws in Molicels”
1988 – Andrew Brown, Malcom Smith  – “High Speed Imaging with Scanning Tunneling Microscope”
1987 – Gregory Grudic, Michael Kelly, Shen Chiu  – “Development of a Single Mirror Scanning System”
1985 – Rob Acres, Fraser Duncan – “Computer Vision System for Robot Arm Tracking”
1984 – John Fengler, Ingrid Spadinger – “Gripper for Handling Surgical Instruments”
1983 – Brent Boerlage, Robert Jonson – “Ten Gigahertz Test Fresnel Lens”


Edward G. Auld Prize

The Engineering Physics program at the University of British Columbia celebrated its 50th reunion in 1997.  In honour of that occasion a special prize, called the 50th Anniversary Engineering Physics Prize, is awarded for an outstanding project in the APSC 479 Engineering Physics Projects Course.  The Prize was renamed the Edward G. Auld Prize in 2007 in honour of the long-serving Director of the Engineering Physics Program, a position he held for 18 years.

This prize is awarded to the student or student group from the graduating class who submits an exceptional report that exhibits academic excellence..


List of Prize Winners:

2018 –  Alex Kyriazis, Ivan Zinin, William Choi – “Deep Reinforcement Learning Arena”

2016 – Elizabeth Wicks, “Investigation of Blood Coagulation”
2015 – Lucas Cahill – “Lesion epithelial thickness mapping for biopsy guidance and margin delineation in oral cancer detection with optical coherence tomography”
2014 – Jeremy Witmer, Angela Ruthven – “Magnetic Resonance Shim Coils for Adjusting and Rebalancing Dynamically”
2013 – Chris Read, Jefferson Lo, Michael Caverley – “A Practical Model for Predicting the Effects of Roughness on Waveguides”
2012 – Siddharta Balasubramanian, Nabil Lathiff – “Harmonograph”
2011 – Weiqi Wang – “GPU Accelerated Ultrasound Elastography”
2010 – Andrew Mahoney, Jackson Semple – “Development of a new polydispersity analysis to allow bacterial detection in platelet transfusions”
2009 – Milenko Despotovic, Dorian Gangloff, Lloyd Ung – “Single Molecule Detection in SCODA”
2008 – Matthew Lam, Mark Homenuke – “Towards High-Resolution Sub-Nanolitre Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”
2007 – Justin Tzou, Cheyenne Kamran, Jared Slobodan – “Tissue/Cellular Microarray Antibody Spotter (TCMAS) Appliactor Quality Control Testing”
2006 – Paul Bloudoff, Peter Eugster, Aviv Keshet – “Amplification of Broad Area Laser Diodes and Measurement of their Front Facet Reflectivities”
2005 – Adrian Groves, Mark Radford, Blaine Townsend – “COBOT – Medical Robot”
2004 – Stefan Storey, Joshua Vines – “Flowing Soap Films: Effect of Particles on 2D Turbulence”
2001 – Paul Barclay, Hong Ma – “New Computational and Experimental Techniques for Studying the Optical Response of Photonic Crystals”



Eric Roenitz Memorial Award

The Eric Roenitz Memorial Award is granted in remembrance of a dedicated and exceptional engineer.  Eric graduated from Engineering Physics in 1994 and was actively involved in student projects during his studies at UBC.  He continued that involvement after graduating.  Eric was a gifted leader who engineered practical solutions to a wide range of technical problems. He endeavoured to pass on his skills and enthusiasm to students through sponsorship of projects drawn from his work experience.


The award is presented to the student group that has shown considerable dedication to their ENPH 459 project and whose project illustrates a high level of ingenuity.


List of Prize Winners:

2018 –  Rachel Chan, Han Zhang “STROBE: Sip-TRiggered Optogenetic Behavior Enclosure – Automatized optogenetic neuronal control through flyPAD”

2016 – James Liu, Kelvin Ritland, Rey Zeng – “Spatial Channel Sounder for High Speed Rail”
2015 – Sagar Malhi, Lucas Cahill – “A Completely Wireless Security Sensor and Camera”
2014 – Simon Ferguson, Sina Habibian, Jeremy Witmer – “Fringe Reader for Interferometric Evaluation of Displacement-Controlled Actuators”
2013 – Nils Smit-Anseeuw, Aaron Zimmer – “Acoustic Measurements Using a Microphone Array”
2012 – Andrew Cavers, William Lovatt, Steven Singbeil – “Magnetic Mapper”
2011 – Jacob Bayless, Mo Chen, Bing Dai – “Wire-Embedding 3D Printer”
2010 – Amira Eltony, Hardeep Sanghera – “Development of a Surgical Probe for Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Surgeries Under Interventional MRI”
2009 – Shawn Hanna, Kenneth Ng – “Automated Spinnaker System”
2008 – Matthew Austin, Nathan Barrett, Andrew Hall – “Glass Micro-structuring using Spark Assisted Chemical Etching”
2007 – Cheyenne Kamran, Jared Slobodan – “Remote Control of Electromechanical Devices via Cell-Phone Networks”
2005 – Peter Eugster, Steven Jones, Michael Yalowski  – “An Automated Instrument to Measure Sedimentation Rate of Pulp Fibers”
2004 – Justin Lemire-Elmore, Bradley Buss, Joshua Vines  – “Polymer Microforming in Thermal Resin”
2003 – Peter Rizun, Katherine Borthwick  – ” Wireless Accelerometer for Human-Computer Interaction”
2002 – Phil Dextras, David John, Paul Pereira  – “Model Helicopter Control System”