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A list of assorted tasks available to do in the Project Lab – if you are interested and available to participate in some of these tasks, either in the summer or through the Fall or Winter term, please contact Jon and let him know the times you might be available to work on these items.  Note that these are all unpaid volunteer positions, and not all people will be able to work on every item on the list, but it does give you access to the Engphys Project Lab (Hennings 115), which I’ve been told is a fun place to spend time.


Updated:  13 Aug 2013

A few of the tasks available:

  1. TINAH board work:
    1. TINAH Repairs –  Check socketed components, de-solder any necessary parts, and possibly some firmware-programming for the Wiring boards underneath.
    2. Wiring – convert from ver27 to ver  1.0 –  the TINAH code and boards do not work in the most recent Wiring environment.   We hope someone can dive in to solve this timer code issue.   Some have worked on this for a while (thanks C.E!), still holding out for a minor miracle.
  2. Sensor/Arduino sorting in the Project Lab (aka Known Unknowns) –   lots of electronics in semi-sorted (i.e. random) bins that need some sorting and evaluation.    Go through and gather up processors, sensors and tools, and learn to identify a variety of different components.  We have lots.
  3. Inspecting other elements  (aka Unknown Unknowns)  – we have a few assorted electronics that need someone to try them out to see how easy/hard they are to use for development for senior students.  Here’s a short list:
    1. IoIo board – make it talk to Nexus 7, low-end Android device.
    2. Raspberry Pi – we have a few (2 or 3?)  try for general purpose IO to the boards.  Easy?
    3. Imp Board  – no idea if this is useful or not.
    4. XBee setup – we have many that may need firmware updates.   Also a challenge – find data acqusition GUI for easy remote data logging.
    5. 37-in-1 sensor kit –  We splurged.  Someone needs to check that they all work (…. also, what’s a “hunt sensor”?)




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