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Link to – Project Postings 2017-18

initial posting Sept 2, 2017



[ Available Projects – additional content 2017 ]  (password-protected)

[ Student contacts and group assignments 2017 ]  (password-protected)



As noted in the document:


  1. Please do not contact Project Sponsors directly before getting approval from the Project Lab.
  2. ENPH 479 – Project Selection can begin on the first day of Term 1, in consultation with the Project Lab and project sponsors.  The majority of groups will begin discussing projects during the first week of classes and finalize selection by  the second week of classes.  Selection in 479 is generally first-come, first-serve, but some students (and some sponsors) would like to discuss project details directly before confirming the project.
  3. ENPH 459 – Project Selection will occur once all 479 students have selected a topic, generally ending with a submitted Team Project Preference form during the start of the 3rd week of classes.  Groups will submit their list of 4-6 preferred projects, and will be assigned by the Project Lab.  Historically, the majority of groups get their 1st-3rd picks.
  4. Incoming projects may be added up until the middle of September.  Check back often to see if new projects have been added to the list.
  5. “_Project Lab – Additional Info_”   Password-protected area containing further information about projects.
  6. Tags on the project writeup:  
    1. [ # ]  project is cross-posted with EECE or MECH capstone projects.   Those courses have their own deadlines for project selection, and some sponsors may choose to have only 1 group from either ENPH, EECE or MECH choose the project.  Updates to this website as soon as a project group from any course is secured.
    2. [ & ]   –  Projects already claimed (text in red).
    3. [ % ]  –  Projects that have been edited or added after the first posting.  All new postings appear at the end of the list.
    4. [ ? ]   –  A student group is currently discussing the project with the sponsor, but the project is still formally available.