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last update:   2016 June 22.



All concerns about Intellectual Property (“IP”) and Project Sponsor confidential or proprietary information are to be discussed between students and the Project Sponsor, as is the case for co-op work placements.


Project Sponsors who require that IP generated by the students during the course be assigned to the company, or who require that confidential or proprietary information be shared with the students, must indicate this on the project posting and discuss this with the students before initiation of the project. The following template documents are samples of IP and non-disclosure documents, and are provided only as samples for Project Sponsors and students. They are not endorsed by the University.


TEMPLATE – Non-Disclosure_Agreement-Student_Project_Multi_Party

TEMPLATE – IP_Agreement-Student_Project_Multi_Party


Without an agreement, the ownership of all project work goes to the individuals who created the invention.   UBC Policy 88 describes the ownership of IP generated by students in an academic course to be assigned according to applicable law, which in general means the creators of the invention, which may include or be exclusively the students themselves.  FAQ from UBC UILO.     


Project Lab Staff and associated UBC Faculty Members may be requested by a Project Sponsor to informally take reasonable precautions around the disclosure of Project Sponsor sensitive or proprietary materials or information.     


Specific measures can also be made on a case-by-case basis for the project groups, such as limiting the distribution of some materials presented in class to other students, and should be discussed directly with the Project Lab Staff and associated UBC Faculty Members for the course.




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