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17th Annual ENPH 253 Competition

Thurs August 10th – 10am Irving Barber room 182




Presented by UBC Engineering Physics 

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Competition Rules

Competition Rules  (updated June 13)


Competition Surface 


Competition Day Details and Results

Date and Time Thurs August 10th, 2017 10am – noon

Irving Barber Learning Centre, Room 182 (Victoria Theatre)

Address:  1961 East Mall (click here for parking and directions)


Fifteen student teams will build self-driving cars to rescue six trapped secret agents by avoiding an alarmed door, scaling a narrow ramp, and rescuing the agents from a tank filling with water, sending the agents back to safety on a zipline.   

To Attend the Competitoin No registration required.   However, if bringing a group of 4  or more, please contact Jon Nakane for further details about attending the event.




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