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Thank-you for visiting the COMM 386p Prototyping voting page!   These are some of the end-of-term projects by students.   The next round of the course will be offered in September 2016 [comm 386p-protyping, UBC]


Vote for the product you feel is the strongest for the following question:


“Based on the info below, which project ideas / prototype

 / team would you think would have greater success in finding

financial support and customers for their idea?”


You will get a different pair of projects each time you vote!







Drink&Drive – Problem exists

British Columbia – the province of beautiful cars and crazy parties. There are total of 3.3 mil drivers, who are driving cars on a daily basis in it. But did you know that almost 14000 drivers are violating drink and drive policies every year. In fact, on average, 86 people die every year in crashes involving impaired driving, which is equivalent to the 27% of car crash fatalities and remain the main cause of car crash fatalities in BC. This numbers are huge and they are actually growing every year. And while there are some ways to punish the violation of the rules, no one actually tries to prevent them from even happening.


Value Proposition

And here come SobaDrive (a.k.a Sober Driver). This is an integrated alcohol testing system, which allows you to run your car only after positive test result. It brings incredible value to both Drivers and Car Insurance and Regulation companies. For Drivers it helps to avoid tickets and driving prohibition; keep your friends and family save; do not gamble with your car insurance as it can be not liable for this type of accidents if it is not an extended version, and finally it just helps you to live longer! On the other hand, insurance and regulation companies, such as ICBC, save on costs associated with impaired driving accidents, help to avoid repeated accidents, and make overall driving process safer.


Technological solution

Let me introduce you Model #1. It is designed to fit your car glove box and can be easily accessed from it. Everything you need is take the tube and blow in it: green light and you are good to go, but if you got a red light your car engine won’t turn on and ICBC department will get a signal notice of your negative test result.

The next step would be do develop more compact version, which will be installed into your car key and will make its usage more comfortable.



Iron Man Hands-Free Torch

IMG_0641 image1 IMG_0638

The Iron Man Hands-Free Torch is a chest mounted light that illuminates when connected to a battery pack. The light is designed to mount to a users’ chest in order to illuminate the path in front of the wearer at all times.


The chest piece is made up of 4 modelled hardware pieces, an Arduino, a portable battery pack, and 5 LED lights (connected to a breadboard via wires. Breadboard has resistors). The lights flash for added effect but for practical use would remain constant when used.


The four modelled pieces are: Shell and Cap – made on 3D printer, and acrylic disks for the LEDs to sit on to create a more luminous effect.


The light is very luminous in dark locations, but doesn’t appear particularly bright in laminated space.


PROTOTYPE ISSUES: shell is large to house the excess of wires and Arduino kit. Battery pack does not sit inside of the shell and would be strapped on the person’s body somewhere (which, actually, makes it easier for the battery to be changed). The LEDs are not stable and could come off the shell if moved too much. Shell is delicate and could break if fallen on or dropped.


But it’s still fun to look at! And it’s awesome when it’s dark. Anyway, the idea is quite simply to light up a room well without the use of one of your hands. Like a Pip boy!




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